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What are the top ten problems in the world according to your priorities?

The lecture was held by Professor Evangelos and Mr Hamid about world problems. Professor Evangelos showed us a video of TED about top ten problems in the world and he asked us to prioritize according to our worldview. Mine are as following:

  1. Government and corruption

  2. Financial instability

  3. Sanitation and water

  4. Malnutrition and hunger

  5. Conflicts

  6. Education

  7. Climate change

  8. Population and migration

  9. Subsidies and trade barriers

  10. Communicable disease and durability

He asked us to prioritize them and gave as short time to think over it. He asked volunteers to give their opinions on stage. There were many different opinion about corruption, hunger and education. Some of them prioritized education as number one above hunger and corruption. Each volunteered speakers gave their opinions differently coming out of their beliefs. The reason why did I prioritize “government and corruption” number one and “communicable diseases and durability” as the last one can be explained easily step by step.  In my opinion, government is responsible for everything going on in a country including homicides, hunger and starvation, crimes, corruption and diseases. If a government is not corrupt, then a country is at peace, people are satisfied of their life with full freedom and equality. Some people might prioritize education as main problem in a country, but “NO”! Education is very high even in a poor countries or just developing countries.  Even if you are educated enough, you cannot go against the government because they are governing your country, they are on top of everybody. Where the corruption is present, there is the presence of hunger, conflicts and financial instability. Although, financial instability is a part of corruption, sometimes it is another case. For instance, a country can be free from corruption, but the finance is big question mark. This country can be a victim of geographical unstableness, poor resources or under the influence of other countries. Financial stability is a key for many conflicts such as starvation, poor medical help, weak marketing or unemployment.

Here goes the sanitation and water as a 3rd problem of the world, because water is a life. We can watch news all over the internet or TVs about the countries having problems with clean water. There are people in certain countries who are drinking water which contains micro insects inside of it. And they are drinking that dirty water not to please themselves, but to remain alive at least for a while. This water is not even keeping them alive but causing many water-related diseases. Everyday hundreds of children are dying from water-related diseases. Malnutrition and hunger follows water and starvation, because it also can be not in a relation with the corruption but except the relation with the financial instability. If there was strong finance, there wouldn’t be a hunger.

As I said above, if we can fix the problem of corruption and financial instability, we can fix the problem of education, hunger, water scarcity and even population and migration. A person can leave own country and move to another country for some certain reasons. It can be because of unsatisfactory, financial crisis, absence of liberty and surely a war. These mentioned reasons are valid and enough to leave a country. If the justice dwells in a country, these problems are very far away from people. Subsidies and trade barriers are not clear for me, but I believe that they are also under the control of government. Communicable diseases and durability can either be related to a geographic position of a country or again under government.

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