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Week 2 by Ahmad Nuredy

Reflective Diary of Seminar on Current Affairs Week 2

Week 2 of lecture session was from 21st January 2013 to 25th January 2013. For the tutorial, my lecturer, Mr John Britto asked us to write our feeling regarding some issues. The issue was about Environmental problem and socio-economic-political issues. For environmental problem, my feelings were like this: I felt sad because there were many victims from this environmental problem. I thought this problem should be solved by us, not only by the leader. I meant, we could do some small things to reduce the damage. Many people were only talking about the problems, without taking serious steps to solve the problems. For socio-economic-political issues, these were my feelings: many people were trying to be the most powerful person in their community, but they did not think about the people whom they would lead. Next, media was the effective way for people to make power. I meant, they could promote themselves through the media. Besides that, people were greedy that they wanted to fight only for a wealth.

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