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Should Learning be a Tiring Experience?

The street Dog and the School going Child

” Hello! How‘re you?” – the question was from a street dog to the school going child.

“I am bored and tired…by the by how are you?” the child asked the street dog.

” I am fine. I enjoy. I play a lot” laughed the dog.

” Playing?’ What do you mean by playing?” questioned the child.

” You don’t know?… Oh.. What a pity?…Just play around. Don’t you do that with your friends? At school?” enquired the dog surprisingly.

” No. We are serious there. There is no time for playing.” the child said discouragingly.

“Ok.. my dear child you said that you are tired.. now go and take rest” the dog pitied the child.

” REST? what do you mean by rest?” the child was curious.

” Oh… by rest I mean.. have you not seen dogs taking rest without doing anything?..” the dog waved its tail as it looked at the child’s eyes.

” Yeah.. I have seen that. but for children who go to school rest is a  luxury. we have no time for rest.” the child said innocently.

“But then what do you do in your leisure time? You see we dogs wander around and you?” the dog was concerned towards the child.

” LEISURE time…we have no time for that. You see we are studying…” the child explained to the dog very carefully.The dog looked at the child and said,

” My dear.. I feel very sad for you.. I am happy that I have born as a dog and not as a human person and go to school.”

The dogs are happier than our school going children. The dogs play, rest and take time for leisure. But our children are given high targets to achieve in their academic life. They are made to fight among themselves with a spirit of cutthroat competition. Each child is expected to come first in the class. At last they loose their “SELF” and grow as they are ‘expected’ to grow with timidity and cowardliness.

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