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Globalization is all about the transactions in trade, movements of people and their capital investments as well as the dissemination of knowledge. In general, globalization is a borderless market where people interchange their worldviews, products and ideas together with the interdependence of economic and culture. Because of the globalization there are many events occurring in the world nowadays which people call as current affairs in another way. In the first and third tutorial classes we discussed about frames which are related to the globalization. Current affairs reflect on some main aspects of humans’ life such as environmental frame, economical frame, science and technology frame, political frame and also on social-cultural frame through countries around the world. Initially, there are lots of global issues that human being facing as global warming causes increasing the sea level, the ozone layer is thinner time by time, acid raining and many environmental problems else. While water extermination and air pollution are happening around the earth and they cause people living in the shortage of fresh water source together with bad influences to humans’ health. Besides that, natural calamities sometimes occur and damage residents’ life as well as the economy in many countries they go over. Moreover, natural resources like oil, gas, coal,… are in their scope and they gradually decrease and become rare whereas humans’ wants and needs are unlimited all the time. Cross boundary water is considered as an argumentative problem happening in those countries which have sea boundary with others. One example is the stressful event in East Sea which is most concerned to China, Vietnam, Philippine and some other related nations in South East Asia due to the benefits from natural resources in that particular area. Also, over fishing in the ocean is more and more destroying habitat of fish species and causes the decrease in amount of fishesjust because of humans’ needs for seafood in their life. There are still there many other current events looked at from environmental perspective everyday. Secondly, current affairs reflect on economical side of the world. For instance, people consider present issues in term of agriculture, industry, and trade. A lot of organizations both regional and international are appearing in the world nowadays such as WTO, GATT, IMF, WB which bring plenty of improvements and advances for the global economy. Besides that, transportation is also developed and modernized together with the growth of world economic. Modern inventions of vehicles are introduced to humans’ life so that people can get comfort as well as saving time. Most of countries in the world use USD as a common currency and the changes of financial market have effects on economy of every nation. More and more company and cooperation formed because of the open competition in the economical market. Together with current events on environmental and economic aspects, many science and technology achievements that obviously make large changes in humans’ life. People nowadays have more comfortable life than ever ago. Internet, airplane, high speed train, robots are introduced into modern life of human being. Lastly, current affairs consider social-cultural aspect mostly through media. Exchanging culture between countries brings the world closer and the relationship as well as solidarity among those countries is improved. People nowadays prefer to follow western lifestyle but not their own one, they tend to copy world stars’ style and forget what they actually are. This affects somehow the customs as well as traditions of people. Globalization also forms intercultural marriages since people get more understanding and closer to each other through interaction. Also, in this frame, there are a lot of organizations formulated for the aims of security such as WHO(World Health Organization), FIFA (World Cup), immigrations are located in most countries over the world, scholarships for underprivileged students to help them get a better life(as Albukhary International University) and so on so far. There are associations in charge of politic are established in order to reduce the importance of ‘nation’ for example EU, G8, ICC, NGO called as ‘supra state’. Elections and engagements are related to political aspect in many countries such as Middle East, Africa, India, Myanmar and so on.

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