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Panel discussion report 33 – The State of Human Rights in Africa


Our duty in introduction to civil society course was to form a group of five students which had to present or to be involve in the purpose of conducting a panel discussion in week seven. Our group members were all from different African countries, four panelist which are Abdul Razak Nassir from Uganda, Sharmarke Abdirahman Mohamed from Somalia, Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed from Kenya, I myself from Guinea and one moderator Zainoul Abidine Sanoussy Junior from Guinea. The topic that we had to discuss was about the state of human right in our respective countries.

Overview of the points discussed:

As Human right is commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being. Democraty is know as a big promoter of those rights, and we know that most of the African countries are still facing a big problem in the exercice of democraty. Therefore the points discussed were the state of human right in four African countries from the independence to nowadays pricesely in Guinea, Uganda, Somalia and Kenya. And also how human right was respected and the role of the NGOs and some civil society organization.

The process:

For the discussion first we didn’t have any problem on having a group menbers, because we all use to work together. Second we selected our topic and had some views from Mr John and then discussed between us how to make it perfect. As we were four panelists we divided the main topic refering to our respective countries and the same question was given to each panelist to talk about it according to their personal knowledge and background. The time fixed for the pannel was thirty minutes. So that each of us was not supposed to talk for more than five minutes. Before the the due day we had one meeting whereby we share the tasks and plan the organisation of the pannel. During our meeting one panelist was absent. On the pannel day the moderator welcomed each panelist and audiences and he introduce all the panelists to the audiences. After he introduced us, he Asked the the opinion of the first speaker on the topic and it continiou till the last speaker. When all the panelists finished the moderator summarized all the important part of the pannel finally he open the question to the audience. Although the time was limited but wedid our best.


After the pannel all of us were satisfy, and I think people in the audience also were satisfy too. Because  first most of the people there were not African but they learned a lot things on how human right is respected or non respected in Africa and all the question that were asked by them were perfectly answered.

Learning and reflection of the pannel discussion:

What I learned from the pannel discussion was mostly all what the different panelist said about their respective countries. Even though we were all from Africa but still we had common point and different point concerning the state of human right in our countries. So from them I have learnt a lot. And it was my second pannel discussion in which I have been involve in my life. That is what make me a bit confident when I was giving my opinions on the topic and the first experience help me to overcome anxiety and to know how to be well structure in delivring my speech.


I have no much to say, but what I can just say because of this pannel I have learnt a lot from the different panelist and increase my knoledge and experience in conducting a pannel discussion.


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