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Internet/Facebook ethics

Today due to globalization the world is getting smaller and smaller. Technology is at its highest connecting people around the world. One such technology is the internet. Through internet people can communicate with each other through messages, voice and video. At present 2 billion people out of the total 7 billion earth inhabitants use internet. Out of this 2 billion people 1 billion people are regular users of a platform fully developed to connect people. That platform is Facebook. Facebook lets a person to update their status, what on their mind, upload pics and videos, comment and like on other people posts, chat and provides many more ways to socialize in the internet.

People, with or without their knowledge are sharing their personal information over the internet that could result in identity crisis or being stalked by someone. So thereby raising the questions on how to use Facebook or internet ethically?

There are something you should not do or things that you might want protect you self from while using internet or Facebook. These are also very among today’s generation of youths. These are as follows:

1)      Cyber bullying: – it the act of using the internet to influence someone repeatedly with the intention of hurting that person mentally and physically. Cyber bullying is very dangerous among adolescents as it leads to anxiety, depression and suicide.

2)      Cyber Stalking: – it is the use of internet or other technological resources to harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention. Today in real life around 80% of stalked victims are women and these perpetrators are now using internet tools like Facebook to stalk. As unknowingly people share their personal information like the place they are, the place they intend to visit and whether they are living alone or not. They are the information now today most predators or stalkers look for in people.

3)      Identity theft: – s a form of stealing someone’s identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person’s identity.  One person identity is very important as it helps that person to be who he is in real life. It goes same in the internet. Things that are linked to a person identity is their credit card, insurance cards and many more much needed stuff. If another person has access to your credit card without your knowledge through the PIN number that person may steal your money.

Apart from this there are other unethical behaviors that people should avoid in using internet and social networking. To be safe and to avoid becoming a victim most importantly stop sharing personal information publicly  It is very important that you toggle your privacy settings so that you avoid being on the radar of cyber stalker, identity thieves and bullying.

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