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How to write a reflective paper?

My lecture on Ethic is on Tuesday (12/2/13) but since it is a holiday I only have to write what I have learned in the tutorial.

As I mentioned before, since there was no lecture due to holidays, so Mr. Jaime taught us the skills on to write our reflective paper and term paper (also known as research paper) in a professional way by using language and cognition skills.

[Evaluate] In order to obtain full marks in our language skills, our words must be concise, clarify, transparent and different. The most important thing about writing research paper or portfolio is never copy the information from other sources blindly. We must acknowledge the original information by quoting or citing and record it in our references. It will be better if most of our writings come from our own idea. This is ‘transparency’ and ‘differentiation’. Another important thing about writing must be planned, organized and neatly written so that our ideas are clear to the readers. This is known as ‘clarity’. I did not know what is ‘conciseness’ until my lecturer explain it to us. It means we use the least amount of words but possess the biggest idea. For example, instead writing ‘he walks like a turtle’, we can write ‘he walks slowly’. That way, we save words and spaces.

[Analyze] As for our thinking skills, Mr. Jaime introduces us to use Blooms Taxonomy technique. From the lowest order thinking skills and easiest to use, remembering to the highest order thinking skills and most difficult to use, creating. Since Mr. Jaime’s goal is to have his student to obtain grade A and above in his class, he advise us to be create more fresh ideas from our own mind. Still, it is difficult to use our own imagination to create a scenario and write the ethics that has connection on the event.

In my current level, I have barely reached the highest order level of thinking skills but I could not apply much. Still, I am continuing to improve myself by reading. Hopefully my hard work will achieve a grade A in this course.

Reflective Diary – Week 5 – Thursday, 14th February 2013

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