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Promoting Equal Access to Education through volunteerism


Introduction to Civil Society

SHP 1033

Albukhary International University


1.0 Topic                                                                                                                               

2.0 Thesis statements

3.0 Supporting Points                                                                                                      

4.0 Points by each panelist                                                                                            

5.0 Questions to be asked

6.0 Reference                                                                                              

Group members:

Kamoliddin Fayzullaev

Mohd Rafiq Mohamad Mazlan

Saed Mahomud Furre (Moderator)

Shahzod Muminov

Qudratillo Usmonov

1.0 Topic: Promoting Equal Access to Education through volunteerism

2.0 Thesis statements: Not all students get the opportunity to education because of low social economic status and disability. Therefore civil society organisations should play vital roles in order to create equal access to education. These CSOs are United Nations, NGOs and other voluntary organisations.

3.0  supporting points

– Increasing literacy of society

– Promotion voluntary teaching

– Education is one of the Human Rights

4.0 Points by each panelist:

Panellist 1: Kamoliddin

–       Democratisation process and establishment of NGOs

–       Concepts of NGOs and civil societies

–       Roles of NGOs in the development of non-formal education

Panellist 2: Mohd Rafiq

–       Teacher as a fundamental to providing and promoting equal access to education

–       Ways and methods on how to improve illiteracy rate

Panellist 3: Shahzod

–       Sending children with special needs to school for disabled is not good idea, they should study with others

–       Inclusive education will give them confidence in social environment

–       Disabled children are being bullied by other children and cannot focus on studies. For that we need to create awareness

Panellist 4: Qudratilo

–       Right to education (United Nation)

–       Rights at stake which means rights at risk

–       Some agencies which are working to make education available

5.0 Questions to be asked:

Panellist 1: Kamoliddin

–       Can you give general pictures about how NGOs are established?

–       What are the roles of NGOs in education?

Panellist 2: Mohd Rafiq

–       What are the roles should be played by teachers and NGOs in promoting equal access to education?

–       What are the solutions on improving the illiteracy rates?

Panellist 3: Shahzod

–       What are the obstacles which are the children will not able to attend the education sectors?

–       How do you think we can create inclusive education for disabled children and solve the problems of poor people on education?

Panellist 4: Qudratilo

–       We all know that education is one of the elements in Human Rights. Can you please elaborate more on this point?

6.0 Reference

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