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The Kensiu are one of the native ethnic groups and classified under the Semang-Negrito category living only in the native village, Lubuk Lenggong, Baling Kedah that is located 12 kilometers from the town of Baling. They are also related to the Kensiu in RaiYala Village, South Thailand. Since 1957, the Kensiu lived in Lot No. 3623 an area of 428 acres that have been proclaimed as their settlement area in years after. Before that, they adopted a nomadic lifestyle from Ulu Lenggong to Parit Panjang, Bendang Man Sik Village, Celak River and Tiak Kupang Village. The Kensiu are the smallest and oldest Negrito community in Peninsular Malaysia. According to the data received from the Department of Orang Asli Affairs (JAKOA) Perak, populations of the Kensiu by September 2001 consist of 212 peoples and 44 families. They are led by a village chief, Itam bin Daram. The Kensiu in Baling felt that their social organization has changed substantially. After the resettlement at Lubuk Lenggong Village, their nomadic lifestyle is less practiced.

Based on the research done, the development of Kensiu Villagers is mainly concerned environmentally, socially and economically. The research has identified many weaknesses regarding to their social life, including the villagers’ lack of motivation and confidence, lack of knowledge about the importance of education, health, family income, etc.

We strongly believe that receiving a good education helps empower people especially children, thus making them strong enough to look after themselves in any given situation. It keeps people aware of the given surrounding as well as the rules and regulations of the society they are living in.

Since the importance of education is undeniable for every single person, it goes without saying that education has a positive effect on human life. All people need to study. Only with the advent of education can people gain knowledge and enlarge their view over the world.  Therefore, group “Just Us” has come out with the idea of literacy program in order to enhance their standard of living together with the quality of life. Besides that, our aim is to ignite those villagers by developing their self-confidence as well as giving the right motivation or moral support. We are not only willing to inculcate the interest for education into Kensiu children but also to make sure that they have enough confidence to achieve the goals of their lives just like other people.

As a part of group “Just Us”, we are very confident that our goals and objectives will be fulfilled in the time period of one year under the closed supervision of Professor Dr. Wai Wai Ko, a world renowned sociologist and educationist, and with the effort of experienced staffs of JustUs. In order to accomplish this noble thoughts into reality and the future of Kensiu people to be flourish and fruitful, we humbly request the “John Britto Foundation” to support us and fund us the amount of RM 6870.


Education remains as one of the major problems in the community. The Kensiu village consists of 273 people including 80 children. Only 67 of them are receiving education. 20 children go to the kindergarten, 39 to primary school, and 8 to high school. The high school is the highest level of education they can get. These children do not take exams and they end becoming drop outs. Based on our observation and research, this is mainly because of the lack of motivation, the non-involvement of parents, lack of confidence, lack of awareness and so forth.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Education simply is the soul of the society that should be passed generation to generation in order to lead to the development of the community in all aspects. Since the children and the youths are the future leader if the community, they all are needed to have a quality education together with the courage to face the challenges. Education is essential for everyone since it is the level of education that helps people earn respect and recognition. It is indispensable part of life both personally and socially. Hence, the unequal standard of education is still a major problem that needs to be solved.

Research done on the human brain functions, shows that the period from birth to the age of 8 is a critical phase for brain development. And, therefore, it is the best time for learning and it is the most important time for children to learn the right things. However, the influence of the external environment is crucial to brain development. The children in the Kensiu community who did not have proper education tend to do something else that can help them to get money by their own and wasting their time doing something which are not beneficial for them. Also, at the end, some of them are ended up to involve with the social problems like glue sniffing and alcoholism.


3.1 Goal

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”, Nelson Mandala once said. Inspired from this quote, we find out the vital need to tell the Kensiu community about educating their society.  This is why this project aims at improving the quality of life of the Kensiu community by making them aware of the importance of a quality education for their society.

3.2 Objectives

The project aims to improve the living standards of people living in Kensiu through educational enhancement and mental support. Regarding the high rate of young school drop outs in Kensiu and the number of youngsters involved in social vices such as Glue sniffing and alcoholism, this project thereby aims at:

  1. Making the Kensiu community well informed of the current poor academic situation they are living in

  2. Systematically reducing the rate of young school drop outs by 40% by the coming year 2015

  3. Increasing the literacy rate in Kensiu by 5% by 2015

  4. Enhancing the Kensiu community quality of life through education

These objectives are set to be achieved by delivering awareness campaigns on the need of education and by building children’s interest in learning.

3.3 Methods/ Strategies and activities

We have find out the need to carry out an awareness campaign in Kensiu to get the community to know why they should consider education as a major component of their life.  The program is set to build the children interest in learning and to boost the parents concern on the education of their progenies.

First of all, Volunteers will be breaking the barrier of acceptance with the children by gradually approaching them. They will then introduce them to some fun and interesting educational games and activities. Throughout the process of initiating the children to educational games and activities, the volunteers will inculcate them with the passion and the need to learn.

In accordance to that, the awareness campaign will be conducted for the parents through group discussions and videos. The activities will be conducted twice every month for a time period of one year. A specific day of campaign will be allocated to the youngsters and the other one will be for the elders. It is necessary to implement an awareness campaign to build the students passion in learning. Without which it will be very difficult to achieve the goal of reducing the number of school drop outs in the Kensiu community.

3.4 Time Frame

Figure 3.1 Time Frame

3.5 Performance indicators

3.5.1 Process indicators

At the initial phase the programs will include 15 children. Subsequently, the following year will observe an intake of 15 more children.

3.5.2 Products indicators

  1. At the end of the year 2014, we expect a considerable decrease in the percentage of drop outs by 15%

  2. Parents will be more aware of their responsibility to send their children to school

  3. They will also be aware of their responsibility to maintain their children at school and to monitor and evaluate their academic progress.

3.6 Results

3.6.1 Outputs:

  1. Acknowledgement of the need of education by the Kensiu community

  2. Better understanding of their rights to quality education

3.6.2 Outcomes:

  1. Villagers are willing to share their understanding of the program to other villagers

  2. Some parents will start some small scale campaigns to help their community

3.6.3 Impacts:

  1. Women will started asking feedback from the local school teachers about their children performance

  2. The program reach will increase by the help of the villagers  who are propagating their understanding of the program to their fellows

  3. Children will regularly go to school and are currently eager to know about their grades.

3.7 Staffing and Administration

The program is run by a project coordinator and a team of six volunteered students.

  1. 1.                                                                                                      Project coordinator: Mr. Mohamed Sali Toure (Higher degree in human science and degree in indigenous people education)

He is in charge of managing the projects on the field and the engagement of new stakeholders or new volunteers to the program. He plays a second role in helping the volunteers to document benchmark information on new sites and supervises the financial management of the project.

  1. 2.      Team Leader: Mr. Amine Afrandy (Post graduate student in social sciences)

He is in charge of reporting the progress of the project.

  1. 3.      Team member 1: Mr. Zen Ahmed (Post graduate student in psychology)

He plays the role of project outcomes reporter.

  1. 4.      Team member 2: Mr. Naylin Oo (Postgraduate in law)

He is in charge of evaluating the project on the ground.

  1. 5.      Team member 3: Ms. Azrina Yeumin (Postgraduate in Business management)

She assists as project evaluator.

  1. 6.      Team member 4: Mr. Tenzin Dawa (Postgraduate in law)

He is a new volunteer to the project who is currently involving with the stakeholders. He assists in the project outcomes recording unit.

Figure 3.2 Project Team

3.8 Monitoring/ Evaluation/ Reporting/ Documentation

Frequent monitoring session will be done on the project sites on fortnight basis. Together with the three representatives of the organization, volunteers visit the project site each two weeks to evaluate the stakeholders and document any changes to ensure progress and success.

Two teams of three people each will be deployed on the field. One will measure the outcomes of the projects quantitatively and qualitatively. For instance, they will record any absence of students in class and any increase or decrease in student’s carry marks. Additionally, they will evaluate the students to ensure that the statistics given are accurate.

3.9  Sustainability

In order to ensure the financial sustainability of the project, we will make to prove efficiency. Subsequently, we will find as many funders and collaborators as possible. They shall be provided with relevant information and successful impacts of the project to ensure a mutual participation in the project for the better of the Kensiu community.

4.0 BUDGET BREAKDOWN FOR A YEAR (2014)NODESCRIPTION/ ITEMSQUANTITYPRICETOTAL1TransportationRM 100 x 24 (twice a month)RM 24002Booksfor 25 students (RM10X25)RM 250RM 2503StationeriesRM 200RM 2004Projector for Awareness Program1 setRM 2000RM 20005Speakers1 pairRM 100RM 1006Board/Notice Board3RM 40RM 1207Monthly MonitoringRM 50 x 12RM 6008Monthly EvaluationRM 50 x 12RM 600 TOTALRM 6870

Table 4.1 Budget Breakdown


“Just Us” is a non-governmental organization which is based in Malaysia and working for the Asia-Pacific region. This organization is determined to work effortlessly, by following the guidelines prescribed by the United Nations, to make sure that the Millennium goals are to be achieved.

5.1 Vision

To ensure that every human being has their rights to earn and live a dignified and prosperous life

5.2 Mission

To provide everyone, especially to those of underprivileged and forgotten ones, the opportunity to know the value of their lives, to polish them and to contribute in the sustainable development of the world, through three main channels: Education, Health and Livelihood.

5.3 Year of commencement: 2008

5.4 Organizational Structure

Figure 5.1 Year of Commencement

5.5 Board Members

There are 5 members in the panel constituting one academician, one economist, one businessman, one philanthropist and a medical doctor. They regularly meet semi-annually. They do arrange a meeting when there is an urgent and emergency demand of them. They listen and suggest the proposals proposed by the director and program manager. They also can intervene and ask for justification from the administrative officer and accounts officer to make sure that the organization is going smoothly. Moreover, they often visit to the fields where the projects are being conducted to study and analyze ground works.

5.6 Staffs/Volunteers Details

Under Board Members, the Director is in charge of managing and directing the entire organization. Under his directorial, there are three major departments headed by three individuals: Administrative officer, Finance officer and Program Manager. The three project coordinators (Education, Health and Livelihood) facilitate and run the projects. All the above people are the permanent staffs who are well trained, approved and appointed by the director.

As a policy of “Just Us”, we work in collaboration with other organizations and local residents. Therefore, under the project coordinators, there are field workers who are either of the staffs of “Just Us” or local volunteers or the staffs of other organizations. To sustain and maintain the projects for long term, we are encouraged to hire locals as part time workers or as volunteers if they wish.

As for now, there are 25 staffs including the upper management and 20 part time paid field workers and 50 volunteers under this organization.

5.7 Audiences

During these five years of operations, “Just Us” has been serving many people around the region. Since our target group is of underprivileged and forgotten people, the people of rural residence are the ones who benefitted most from this organization. During these years, many projects have been launched in Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia and we are extending our hands to Malaysia.

5.8 Organization’s programs

Many of our programs focus primarily on Educational awareness since lack of interest on education, according to our independent researches, is the major problem and the obstacle for people of this region to overcome. Funding for free tuition is another concern of “Just Us”. Moreover, we provide facilities which can enable them to pursue education easily. HIV/AIDS awareness programs, vaccinations for different types of diseases, nutrition programs, sustainable livelihood approaches are some of the many programs coordinated, facilitated and corporate by “Just Us”.

5.9 Organization’s special expertise

Because of the broad knowledge of Board Members and the working experiences of the staff members, “Just Us” has managed to keep its risks to the minimum level in every project throughout its operation since 2008.


The aim of our project is to ensure and promote the socio- cultural sustainability and of Kensiu community by having monthly monitoring and evaluation session for the children. The literacy program is targeted at children to better adapt in school and at the same time parents will learn the importance of education.

At the end of the program, group “Just Us” is expecting children to be aware of the importance of education, and parents as the driving force of their children’s education. Hopefully, in 12 months time of interval, our project brings positive changes in the lives of the Kensiu community.  The community will be free from the social problems, the literacy rate will be high and the whole community will have a better quality of life. Besides that, we also aim to ignite those villagers by developing their self-confidence as well as giving the right motivation or moral support.

Since every human being has the responsibility to do better for mankind, we took the responsibility to change the current education status in Kensiu for the better of the community. As the saying goes by Victor Hugo, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”, we have make it our premium goal to put a smile on the faces of the many Kensiu inhabitants and to distant them from the bad side of our society by providing them with resourceful information and by setting up bright role models in their society.

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