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Languages Training to Increase Employment among youth of Tajikistan

Nasridini Asliddin 111100048

Syakirah Anati bint Abd Razak 102120334

Muzaffar Khusanov 111100041


Ismoili Somoni



Ministry of Higher Education Tajikistan

Department of Certification of Educational Institutions

Ubaidi Zokoni 20, 3rd floor

Dushanbe, Tajikistan- 00992

Dear Sir

Sub: project titled – Languages Training to Increase Employment among youth of Tajikistan. Mercy Knowledge is an organization for sustaining youth life in Tajikistan.

Greeting from Mercy Knowledge,

Mercy Knowledge organization has registered as non-profit organization working for youth rights around Tajikistan and it is a new organization. We are in the progress of teaching five common languages around the world for Tajikistan’s youth. This is to empower them to find jobs in easy way once they are able to narrow their languages barrier.

The attachment of project proposal entitled as above would add to the effort of making the lives of unfortunate and unskilled youth more developed and successful in future.

The authorization from your department is very valuable, so that our organization can help the youth of Tajikistan to learn languages and improve their lifestyle especially in finding jobs.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,


(Dr. Nasridini Asliddin)

Executive Director

Mercy Knowledge organization

Encl: Project Proposal with due Attachment

Languages training to increase employment in Tajikistan

  1. 1.      The Executive Summary

Problem: Currently most of the youth do not have jobs in Tajikistan. Most of them are unskilled. The statistic has shown that 39% of youth are unemployed. They are migrating to Russia to find jobs. The difficulty occurs when they are having languages problem while interviewing for jobs.

Solution: We can propose an organization to teach five languages which are most commonly used all over the world.

Funding requirements: The project which will be organized by an organization in teaching five languages required approximately $2,507 300 million.

Organization and its Expertise: The name of organization is Mercy Knowledge. It was established on 5th May 2013. The purpose of creating this organization is to enhance knowledge of 1000 youth in Tajikistan. Through this approach youth are able to be employed. They are going to teach five common languages around the world which will help the youth to find jobs. The languages are English, Russian, French, Arabic and Chinese. This led them to find job as translator, instructor,                      tourist guide, entrepreneur and writer.        

  1. 2.      Problem Statement

  2. 3.      Abstract

  3. 39% of youth are unemployed in Tajikistan

  4. Difficulties to find jobs because of communication problems

  5. More than one million of Tajiks are immigrant to Russia for finding job

  6. Most of them are facing problem in term of knowledge

  7. Most of them are unskilled people

  8. Poverty leads them to be illiterate

Currently most of the youth do not have jobs in Tajikistan. The problem is that they are illiterate and it is all due to poverty. Therefore, Mercy Knowledge organization has been created to empower and enrich the knowledge of society. In addition, the project which will be launch this coming September is teaching five common languages to 1000 youth in Tajikistan and it will be conduct in four different states. The purpose of this project is to help youth who are lack of languages skills to learn and improve their usage of languages. Moreover, this will encourage them to find jobs which suitable with their skills and meet the needs of society as well as sustainable their livelihood. This project established based on the idea of Mr. Weber (1995), whereby he had an idea to teach 10 common languages in a book, so our organization original input is to determine five most common languages around the world. Later, we propose an easy lesson through workshop and classes for unfortunate and unskilled youth.

  1. 4.      Objectives:

  2. To educate 1 000 youth which are unskilled in Tajikistan

  3. To make languages easy, fun and attractive learning.

  4. To empower those who have less advantage in education

  5. 5.      Goal: To sustain and improve livelihood of youth in Tajikistan

  6. 6.      Strategies and activities:

  7. How: The project will start with teach five common languages around the world to 1000 youth of Tajikistan. These languages will be as their asset to find jobs after completed the six months workshop as well as in future.

  8. When: The project will begin from September 2013 until March 2014.

Action plan


  1. Get information about this kind project.6 May 2013- 6 June 2013

  2. Get information about how to create simple book.

  3. Get information how to attract people.

  4. Get information of simple designing of poster.

  5. Get information on availability of places

  6. Write a proposal to Tajikistan’s authority10 June 2013

  7. Planning for budgets15 June – 20 June 2013

  8. Find the experts languages lecturers25 June – 20 July 2013

  9. Create promotion and instruction poster.20 June 2013

  10. Create slide-cast to inform the benefit of learning five languages.25 June 2013

  11. Display all the product of project in a public form1 July 2013-25 August 2013

  12. Program registration29 August – 31 August 2013

  13. Program started1 September 2013

Time frame

There will be two session in one day for languages to learn and it will be optional for them to select any languages they want. There will be night session and morning session. Morning session is for those who are totally unemployed night session is for those who are employed.