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Panel Discussion Report 78: Promoting inclusive education

Education is one of the most important part of our lives. Good education gives us better life, success, health and awareness. We, human beings are different from animals, considering an intention to learn, discover and innovate. We have potential to formal education as we build our career, put every brick of our house by learning and applying. However, even though we are human beings, and have right to all kinds of education including primary, secondary and higher education, some of the countries are being unable to deliver the joy of education to millions of people all around the world. We may wonder, what could be the reason, and we might be left with hundreds of “unreasonable” reasons. Therefore, as we are intelligent creature of Life, human beings already have found some certain solutions to the problem.

Our assignment was, to prepare for the panel discussion by choosing topic by ourselves. Our group was consisting of 4 panellists and one moderator. Panellists, Kamoliddin, Rafik, Qudratullo and me. Our moderator was Said. Our chosen topic was “Promoting inclusive education”, and everybody has their parts, to make our topic more interesting. Our solution to the illiteracy was offered to be done by the help of “Ministry of higher education of Malaysia”, “CSO”, “NGO”, “UN” and village head or headmasters of schools. I was representing my village Kedah, Malaysia. Here are some arguments were done by each panellists.

The panel discussion was opened by moderator, and Qudratillo was given a permission to start the panel discussion. Qudratillo was representing “United Nations”. He is a member of this organization and his speech was mainly about the functions of UN and its results up to now. As I listen to his speech, I came to know that UN is doing its best, and expecting UN to do more, would be of myth, because UN itself can’t change the world without the help of other organizations and the whole population. Before panel discussion, I was preparing myself to focus on blaming UN and CSOs, because an ordinary resident thinks this way and blames the higher-ups. He closed his speech by giving valid facts about results achieved under their performances and activities throughout the globe.

Our second panellist, Rafik was representing The Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. His speech was mainly about the benefits and opportunities given to people to have education by the ministry. According to his speech, education is free in Malaysia in the schools, but it isn’t inclusive for people with disabilities. He states, that the reason of people with disabilities being exclusive is the lack of awareness among population.

Third speaker, was Kamoliddin. He was representing NGO, as a head of an organization. His speech also was informative, at least I could learn something from his speech. He was telling that even there is no support of a government, they are achieving fairly enough goals. They are organizing activities, calling volunteers to teach children for free and doing researches, gathering data about the number of excluded children and so on.

The closing speech done by me, about the inclusive education for children with disabilities. I personally think, that children with disabilities have right to education just like normal children are having. Inclusive education is a crucial to the negative atmosphere of separation between children with disabilities and normal children. There are millions of disabled children with either mental or physical disorders being excluded from formal education. There are obstacles that prevent children with disabilities from being inclusive in education. They are, lack of awareness among people, lack of acceptance and negative perception of people toward disabled children. Our goal is to set a system that can be applied in schools, which can produce an environment, where disabled children are studying with normal children, professional teachers are hired specially to teach all types of individuals and acceptance of both children with disabilities and other normal children.

I have great gratitude towards the all panellists and moderator. I could learn something from our panel discussion, and if I will have a chance in the future, I will apply those solutions to overcome the issues. It was one kind of learning for me, as I had to do research about inclusive education, listened to the speeches of each speakers and etc. I would like to thank our lecturer Mr John Britto for giving us such opportunity, having an experiment to be in panel discussion and build confidence.


Balasubramanian, A. (2012, October 3). Inclusive education for children with special needs. Retrieved June 15, 2013, from – See more at:


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