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Panel discussion report 71: Democracy & Civil society

First of all, in panel discussion it is infrequent for me as before which was happen to me during panel discussion time and why it was happen? The reason was my health problem that’s why I could not intersection panel presentation with the first group and we have chosen “the role of women empowerment in civil society” include some part that have chosen by me was  women empowerment in agriculture and for the second group that I have joined  . The topic that have chosen by us “democracy & civil society” so, my part that I have to talk about human rights which is related in civil society and democracy. It is quite difficult for me to hand out because I have to explain as the one who have been working of UN or representative of UN as our topic.

Before that our group was the last group who chosen the topic and submit to the lecturer because of each member in our group we had so many topic to choose but finally, we all have agreed that to take this topic for our panel discussion. The reason why we choose and focus more on democracy and civil society. The reason is because among our group face with the democracy system and related in our countries that we are from. Moreover, in the Asia countries are similar with democracy policy of the government which is stared to promote the rights of human on their life.

The process of planning and point of agreement, disagreement include resolution in the previous group we had the process of planning of chosen our topic .We started by asking all the member in our group bas on their point of view and understanding as well .But our group has taken so much time than others group because we could not decide which topic is the best for our panel discussion for the first round all of us still non- moving on what is the topic should be taken  because  all of us has different topic then some of our member try to make the best solution by voting the topic which is the member among us prefer most. Before getting the best topic we have to revote and resolution as the same time because of they thought that their own topic is more suitable. Finally, we got the suitable topic for our group it is “the role of women empowerment in the society” and everyone also agree with that.

However the second group it totally altered from the previous group because we did not have time to prepare or discuss among us and my group just send the topic to me without discussion and I have no choice to complain about that.

Actually I am satisfied with the topic chosen in my panel discussion in the first group that I have joined, because I think this is good topic to be discussed on throughout the panel. Nowadays women have chance to stand for their right or freedom to say in what are they want to be and what to do or want to have for their right in the society. And for the second group our strength of panel discussion was elaborating on real experiences rather than collected secondary information. Most of us had personal encounters with democracy& civil society in our own societies. So, we could explain more on what is happening with us and how it can be solved. So, our discussion was effective and based on factual events. However, the second topic it increased the weakness for me because I really have no idea to talk and dissatisfaction too. Because of without discussion as the previous group.

For the panel discussion, of the second group that I have joined the presentation of panel discussion we have chosen Natri as a moderator, because she wanted to be moderator and also she is good about moderating discussion, besides she proposed this topic and divided the tasks of other four panelists. The other four panelist focus on different tasks, first, civil society organization, second on women empowerment, third on human rights, then base on the democratic countries and non- democratic countries.

The presentation of panel discussion was good. The panel discussion started by the moderator, she gave a brief introduction about democracy & civil society how is connect between that. She introduced the four panelists and asked the questions to each panelist. It was interactive and enjoyable for us. We gave our opinion freely. Except me because my part there was no information base on my own experience because I have to answer it as a represent from the UN also I have to accept it otherwise I don’t have any group to join.

As there was spectators, so there was question and answer session from the student who were listening in the class most of them asked the question to the panelist on debate question which is opposite from the panelist has said for example the argument between man and woman in the countries which is using democracy system link to civil society and the rights of women in SAUDI which is totally different from other countries.

In this time for panel discussion I have learnt so many different things by changing from the privies group to the new group that I have to deal with in the limited time. So, it teaches me of how to get ready and accept the ambulant situation because we can confirm that when it will happen and in which way that going to happen. Sometime we have to accept with the new thing which will entering to us .However, this time  it was bad for me because my panel it really bad and  the topic that I have to respond it’s really quiet difficult for me . Even this time I could not get the good mark but the lesson in this time it really helpful for me to work in the future and adapt me on the right way which can fix or supporting my knowledge become more powerful.

After this panel presentation have done I realized that the topic of my group it’s quiet similar on the politic in my country ,Thailand  because in my country there are so many charity and company which are support or help the people without profit that not  organize under the government because the government can’t control all the people that are  so many  of poorer .But Thai’s government using democracy system to open the chance for their rights of the people on chosen the president that the prefer  and other rights that provide to them however the democracy system is not the highest law in Thai because it’s constitution which is the highest law to use when the people cross the policy which is control by the government and all the things are under the king of Thai who is respectful person in Thailand.

Civil society is a good duty that each countries have to support for adapting their life standards to become more effectively in the future but the main thing that we have to include is the volunteer because it is the first step that we can change our society become more efficient and to create the best solution which can cover the main problem that facing in the society.

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