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Panel Discussion report 7: Which civil society organization should be encouraged more for the global

For a community, it is not enough by having only the Government. It also needs the Business, other sectors like civil society as Non-governmental organizations. Non-governmental organizations do play important, growing roles in developed and developing countries. Therefore, civil society can be said as third sector after Government and Business. There are different kinds of civil society organizations which can be differentiated by its activities. Out of many CSOs, the fundamental organizations can be the Charity Organizations and the Skilled Development Organizations. Both of these organizations play important role for a community in different perspectives. Charity organizations are the ones which are giving charity such as shelters, food, drinking water, medicine, and money based on the cases. On the other hand, Skilled Development Organizations are the ones which are distributing the skills or implement the talents to sustain the standards of lives.

In our Introduction to civil Society class, we have discussed a lot about these CSOs. Based on these Civil Society Organizations we had a panel discussion in order to fulfill the assessment of this course. Therefore, I was in the group of NGOs in women empowerment. But I failed to complete my role in this group as I had some problems. Then I shifted to another group by informing my lecture with the agreement of that group. In my new group, there are six students where five out of six students are from my country Myanmar. There is the only one girl from Sri Lanka. We did a little bit different for our panel discussion which is based on the debate form. Before I came up to that group, they were almost settled the things and the roles for them. So they needed to change their plan again as I set the step into their group. Kyaw Khant performed as the moderator and two of them played as the members of Charity Organizations while two of them were from Skilled Development Organizations. Then I became to act as the affected person of upgrading violence in Myanmar. In the process of planning this panel discussion, we had disagreements as well as disagreements. We came up with the solutions by negotiating each other and discussed first for our roles before we did the research. I was very satisfied with my colleagues as they were very good listeners. They corrected my mistakes and helped me out in my part too. On the other hand, we needed to improve on our time management and organizations floor. While we were presenting our panel discussion, I realized that we need to develop on eye contact and interaction with the audience. After that, the moderator opened the floor for the questions and answers session. We did not have much disagreement on our topic.

The reflection on this panel discussion is that I need to improve on organizing the ideas, the tone and the time management which I need to fix the time for my points to elaborate more. Furthermore, I need to have eye contact and the interaction with the audience. I had learned that well-preparation is the most fundamental thing for all not only in studies but also in my life so that I can achieve more than I expect. In addition, I have gained knowledge on how to deal with the arguments, how to behave with the group and how important the sense of responsibility is.

In conclusion, doing panel discussion help the students to improve on their speaking skills, confidence skills and knowledge. I believe that civil society is essential for all communities. It can help the society according to their constraints especially to those who need hands to raise them up. In some cases, we cannot judge which organization is better the others because all are reliable to each other. From our discussion, I can say that we all understand what the civil society all about is and get the motivation to take part in it in order to give the hands to those who need and help them sustain their lives.

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