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Panel Discussion report 49: No human trafficking: A world free of slavery

Panel Discussion Report

1. Overview of the panel discussion

In the panel discussion we discussed about human trafficking and our topic was ‘No human trafficking: A world free of slavery’. We gave our own opinions as a student from different areas of human trafficking which were problems and statistics of human trafficking, causes of human trafficking, governments’ and NGOs’ role in the reduction of human trafficking. We formed a group of five from Maldives who are Aminath Afra, Aminath Rashida, Irufa Ahmed Ibrahim, Saruwan Mohamed and the moderator of the panel was me. We chose this topic as it is very interesting and it is an issue that all of us should be aware of, as it is one of the fastest growing crime industries in the world.

2. The process

In our first meeting we chose our topic and divided our parts. Also, we wrote the points we discussed and the questions to be asked. There was no disagreement or conflicts in our group as everyone liked the topic and chose the areas they like to discuss.

The points we discussed were the problems and statistics of the human trafficking from different countries, the causes human trafficking and the methods of captivating and victimizing people, the role of governments in reducing human trafficking and why governments are unable to take any appropriate measures to eradicate this crime, and the NGOs fighting against human trafficking, how they help victims and the hindrances they face in combating modern day slavery around the world.

3. The Implementation

In my opinion, our panel discussion was successful and each panellist delivered a very impressive speech in the areas they took for the discussion. Each panellist was asked two questions related to the areas they discussed and they gave statistics and shared stories of the victims.

However, we did not receive any questions from audience due to the time limitations and we were unable to show the slides as there was a technical problem.

4. Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

I have learned a lot of new things from this discussion as human trafficking is the second largest crime industry in the world. Doing research on this topic helped me in finding out about the vastness of this crime and got the chance read a lot of sad stories of the victims. In addition, I realised that this crime should be stopped before it get worse and ruin the lives of innocent people. Moreover, I learned new vocabularies and helped me more in the communication skills and built confidence to talk in front of the audience.

5. Conclusion

The topic we discussed in the panel discussion was very interesting as I learned a lot of facts about the topic such as; there are more than 30 million people who have been slaved. Moreover, I got to know more information regarding this issue and the responsibilities and the actions taking by the concerned organizations and the people itself. Also, we knew that due to the human trafficking it has led to other crimes such as murder, kidnapping, torture and so on. Therefore, it is vital to eradicate this inhuman crime and protect people in order to have a world free of modern day slavery. In conclusion, I hope our panel discussion was informative for my classmates and they learned new information about this topic as we did.

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