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Panel discussion report 11: “Creating a Better Society Through Volunteerism”

1. Overview of the point discussion

“Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something”

There are several reasons to address volunteerism towards creating a better society like the reason to become the volunteer, the problems faced as a volunteer and the benefits of volunteerism. The group members in the panel discussion was the moderator, Ahmed Nasir , the four panelist from Albukhary International University were , Azrina Johara Bibi , Rianti , Raja and myself Shahista. The overview of the points that were discussion in the panel discussion on the topic of “Creating a better society through volunteerism”.

Some of the points that the light was thrown by the panelists were: 1. The importance of volunteerism in civil society 2. How the panelist benefited while volunteering 3. The panelist experience in carrying out volunteer work 4. And what were some of the problems that they faced

The first two panelist discussed on the importance and the benefit they got out of doing volunteerism work. The other two panelist talked about their experience and the problems that they faced which doing volunteer work.

Later on, the questions were addressed by the moderator to the first panelist was that, why does the participants wants to volunteer. The other question asked by the moderator to the next panelist was on, how volunteerism can be made more effective. Furthermore the next question to the third panelist was on the benefits that volunteerism has for the society and the final question raised by the moderator was on, how to attract more people to volunteerism.

2. The process

The flow of the process was quite smoothing firstly the group members were selected after the forming of the group all the member discussed about on topic which came out as volunteerism but since volunteerism was quite broad so the some of the members thought of choosing some other topic but later on all decided to to that topic since it was much more simpler so we came up with the sub topic which Miss Shahista proposed “Creating a Better Society Through Volunteerism”. The topic was then approved but the group member and the general outline was written and shown to the lecturer. He then approved the outline and we forwarded to the next stage where each people was given a part each to prepare on. The group member then did research and a rehearsal was conducted to find out the weakness of the panelist and add on to the points that the others members thought it was much better. There was only one disagreement in the group about the topic but later on, upon the discussion we came up and we resolute to stick to the same topic as thought off.

3. The Implementation

Everyone has their own satisfaction and dissatisfaction so our groups strong point was that we all did a team work team work counts in, if there was a need of help that we thought that we had to give or to give opinion the members did to give to make the flow and the panelist discussion a lively one. Group members asked for help to interpret during the rehearsal time so that they can be told what their weakness was and to add more point if it was to be needed.

4. Learning/Reflection of the Panel Discussion

Since this was a panel discussion on Volunteerism one question was raised by one of the student that it was not an appropriate topic or the examples we one of the panelists used it was on, that enatacs was not part of volunteerism work and also the teaching of the children of Yayasan. It all depends on the perspective of a person how he or she takes it some take it as a commanding certificate to add in their CV and some take it as an actual volunteerism. The reflection that I can come up with is time work helping others is part of volunteerism. Working as a team in panel discussion we learnt about so many things that a person is willing to do for the community or is doing for the community.

5. Conclusion

Every day we do volunteer work whether it is named as volunteerism or we just do things which we even don’t know if it is volunteerism. Volunteerism comes by heart and soul of a person. Whether it to pick up laying rubbish on the ground to throw it in the dust bin or to do the actual volunteer work which people know you off.

6. References


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