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Panel Discussion Proposal 61:The role of NGOs in women’s empowerment for economic development.

PROPOSAL FOR PANEL DISCUSSION 1. Moderator’s name: Nuruat Kobusiinge Panelists’ names: – Manadir Mohammad Mahi – Sa Ri Ah

2. Topic of the Discussion: The role of NGOs in women’s empowerment for economic development.

3. General outline: – Thesis statement: Women nowadays more and more contribute to the advance of civil society. Empowering women economically is key to the growth and development of economies and reduction of poverty worldwide. – Point: • NGOs and women’s empowerment • The empowerment of women in technological development • Women’s roles in the family • How they are empowered in the household under the help of NGOs.

4. Outline from each panelist:  1st panelist: the empowerment of women in a technology world • Provide access to information technology • How can development agencies help girls overcome these barriers? o Address the underlying causes o Change attitudes o Offer opportunities • Advantages of attracting women and girls to careers in ICT

 2nd panelist: how women are empowered in the household field under the help of NGOs • Woman, a caring mother of children, a good wife of husband, and a model leader of a community. • Women have rights in planning and taking part in making decision of the household (together with the husband). • Single mother play a very crucial role of both mother and father in family.

5. References:

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