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Ethical Frameworks

Before this day I did not know that ethics had different frameworks but in fact there are five. Our ethics lecturer from Philippines enlighten us on this five ethical frameworks we use daily. Most a person uses a mix of these ethical frameworks. Below is my perception on each ethical framework from what I have learned in the lecture.

1)      Relativist ethics: – In this framework ethical decision are based on what looks right or reasonable according to one’s value or belief system and right and wrong is based on social norms.

2)      Divine Command ethics: – this ethics is based on moral standards that depend on God’s Law. Anything according gods law is right and against is wrong. One important strength in Divine ethics is that standards are from an authority higher than human which humans obey.

3)      Utilitarian Ethics: – This frameworks works on the concept that the judgment of right or wrong depends on its results or effects. The action that produces most benefits or usefulness is right and the action that brings harm or no usefulness is wrong. One benefit of this framework is that its attempt to lessen human suffering.

4)      Deontology ethics: – Deontology comes from a Greek word that means “duty”. So this frame work says that moral rules and duty is most important. The morality of a person’s action is judged based on the actions adherence to rules, duties or obligations. In this framework people are ends, never the means.

5)      Virtue ethics: – this theory is based on person good behavior. It says that a good character of the person who is acting is more important than rules, effects or the actions of that person. It is based on the belief that morals are internal.

So after learning the five ethical frameworks the question that arose in my mind was which ethical framework among this five frameworks I use most often. With a little thought I was able to answer this and it was Divine command ethics. As a Muslim most of our rules and regulation, the way of our behaviors come directly from god. That what we have learned as Muslims. Also divine command ethics gives worth to all man equally.

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