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Summative of ethics

The week lecturer was led by Mr. John Britto, a very knowledgeable lecturer from the land of species, India. The class was enjoyable for the students as well as the lecturers.

To begin, he started the class by showing few educational and interesting videos that summarize the whole lectures we have taken in introduction to ethics class. After watching each videos we had to write down the key points, the key dilemmas and the key questions discussed in the video. Prior to that, we were given a blank sheet with a clock drawn on it and we had to make appointments with colleagues by noting down their names at each hour. Then, at each appointment time announced by Mr. John we would have to get to our respective colleagues and discuss the point we have noted down about the video watched.

Next, it was the time for each lecturer to comment on the video we have watched. The lecturer selected would choose one of the points given by the students and will then briefly elaborate on it. The most remarkable part among the lecturers’ comments was the one about decision making. One of them emphasized on how we should try to make the right decision for our life, as university is the beginning of our real life.

I considered ethics class as a double-win game. We have learnt a lot from the lecturers as well as they learnt so much from. They shared they knowledge with us on topics we have never considered before and we, too, have shared our views and perceptions with them on those topics based on the perceptions of the part of the world we come from. To end, my gratitude goes to DR. Hamid, Prof. Affendras, Mr. John, Dr. Fauzi, Ms. Siti Noor, Ms. Vino, Mr. Jaime and whosoever has contributed to giving us some knowledge in ethics. class. I ensure that I shall not stop my ethics learning to this class and that I will always try to apply it in my life.

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