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Panel Discussion Report 44: The Implementation of United Nations declaration of Human Rights

1. Moderator: Nurul Afiqah Bt Ahmad Sabri

List of panelists:

1. Nurzhamal Saparova 2. Siti Nor Azimah Bt Shuaib 3. Kanykei NurKamil Kyzy

2. Topic: The Implementation of United Nations declaration of Human Rights

3. General outline: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the basic international declaration of the absolute and inviolable rights of all members of the human family. The Declaration was declared in a resolution of the General Assembly on 10 December 1948. It lists various rights to which people everywhere are authorized. Thesis Statement: The implementation of the United Nations declaration of Human Rights is not being implemented appropriately.

Point under thesis statement:

• Human rights refer to the rights that belong to an individual as the consequences of being human. To what extent Human Rights Declaration is being implemented? • The concept of the implementation of Human Rights

Outline by each panelist: Panelist 1 • The universal human rights are being violated by some governments. • Death penalty • The situation of Tibet Panelist 2 • The right of freedom of expression and religion and the right to freedom of association and assembly are violated by the government of Malaysia. • The activities of NGOs that were supported by the government Panelist 3 • The violation of Article 26 of Human Rights Declaration by governments of many countries where it is stated that everyone should have a right to free elementary education.

The question is addressed by each panelist:

1. Does the declaration of human rights is being implemented? 2. To what extent the governments or NGOs implement the declaration of Human Rights in their country. 3. What are the cases in Malaysia that show the violation of Human Rights? 4. How Human Rights are being implemented based on educational perspective?

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