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Panel Discussion Proposal : Children’s Rights to Education

Moderator:      Ssemuddu Imran

Panelists:         1. Hamdun Mohammed Said

2. Mohammed Ali

3. Mohammed Jahid Hasan Zim

4. Biplob Hossain

2.Panel Discussion Topic:

Children’s Rights to Education

3.General Outline:

Thesis statement:

There are significant roles of family, government, civil society as well as UNICEF in ensuring children’s rights to education. Supporting points:

–          Importance of child education

–          Factors affecting children’s rights for education

–          Actions taken to ensure children’s education

–          Challenges faced by several sectors of the society

–          Suggested solutions to improve child education4.Outlines from each panelists:

Points covered by each panelists:

–          Roles and strategies of families in ensuing children’s rights to education by Hamdun

–          Roles, activities and barriers of civil society in ensuing children’s rights to education by Ali

–          Roles, strategies and challenges of UNICEF in ensuing children’s rights to education by Jahid

–          Roles, activities and suggestions of governments in ensuring children’s rights to education by Biplob

Questions to be addressed

Panelist 1: Hamdun

  1. 1.      What are the roles to be played by parents on their children’s right on education?

  2. 2.      In what ways families can collaborate with CSOs to make sure that children have their rights on education?

Panelist 2: Mohammad Ali

  1. How do you relate civil society with the child community for their educational right?

  2. What are the activities usually done by civil society to make sure the children’s right to education?

  3. Do you think the family and govt. is a form of barrier for children’s right to education?

Panelist 3: Biplob

  1. Do you think government has any roles to ensure children’s rights to education?

  2. What are the steps that governments around the world have already taken to ensure their commitment?

  3. As the previous panelist have mentioned, civil societies and NGOs are facing difficulties while working for these rights. Do you think governments are able to change this perception? If so, in what ways?

Panelist 4: Jahid

  1. What are the roles UNICEF are playing ensuring the education rights of children?

  2. Does it have any specific convention or strategies to ensure the children rights of the education?

  3. Have you faced any challenges while promoting this convention in countries around the world?

5.Possible References:

–          Books

–          Newspaper Articles

–          Online Resources

–          Journal Articles

–          Encyclopedia

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