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No human trafficking; A world free of slavery

Panel Discussion Proposal

Moderator: Samaha Hussain


Irufa Ahmed Ibrahim

Aminath Afra

Aminath Rashida

Saruwaan Mohamed

Topic: No human trafficking; A world free of slavery

General Outline: Even though human trafficking is a globally leading crime victimizing millions of innocent people, the responsible authorities have failed to take a significant action in reducing this modern day slavery.

Questions and Points covered by each Panellist

1. Irufa Ahmed Ibrahim

How effective are the governments’/authorities’ in reducing human trafficking and why they cannot stop the growth of human trafficking?

– What are the steps government has taken so far

– The facts governments are not able to take sufficient steps to control human trafficking

– Why government is not effective in reducing human trafficking

2. Aminath Afra

How big is the problem of human trafficking in the world and in which areas are these problems worst?

– Statistics of some countries

– The problems of human trafficking

3. Aminath Rashida

What is the role of NGO’s in reducing human trafficking and what are the challenges faced?

– NGO’s working against human trafficking

– NGO’s role in the reduction of human trafficking

– How NGOs help – Challenges of NGOs

4. Saruwaan Mohamed

What are the causes of human trafficking and how do the traffickers victimize them?

– Causes of human trafficking: victims ( why they are affected) and traffickers ( why they do that)

– Methods of captivating (different ways of trafficking)


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