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Health Care and Medical Ethics

Thursday Feb, 14th, 2013 which was the fifth week of ethic tutorial class, there were discussions related to   ethic of variety of organizations. Those ethics are health care and medical ethics, media ethic, education institution ethic, sport ethic, organisational or management ethic, business ethics, political ethic, and internet or facebook ethics. The students sat in group and had discussion according to the different type of ethics that they chose. Every group had to come up with 2 good things and 2 bad things that evolving ethic based on their perspective organization those they chose. To my group, we took health care and medical center as the topic for describing ethical acts and unethical acts of these institutions’ agents.

Health care and medical ethics are the system for moral principles that apply the values and judgments of the practice of medicine. In the medical ethic, there are four basic moral principles which are to be used as fundamental for analysis medical ethics. These four moral principles are respect for autonomy, beneficent, non-maleficent and justice. Respect for autonomy means that the patient has the right to accept, choose or refuse the treatment. Beneficent is all the medical agents should act in the best interest of patient. The none-maleficent indicates “first, do no harm”. The last one, justice means that it should have fairness and equality in distribution of scare health resource and the person who get what treatment. All of these four principles are judged and weighed against each other according to different situations.

From my point of view, the doctors, nurses and other agents who serve as health care and medical agents should always never exaggerate the condition of patients’ illness in order to make money greater than what it should be. Exaggerate the patients’ condition illness, by telling the patient that his or her illness is in the serious condition and trying to persuade the patient to receive this kind of treatment or that kind of treatment just because of wanting to make more money out from that is   very wrong. Giving low quality of medicine or not giving the right treatment to the patient , making patient’s sickness worse and worse, in order to make much money from the long treatment  is an unethical act of the doctors. Using impolite words or acting irrespective to the patients who are poor or do not have enough money for payment also regarded as unethical acts of doctors. All above are just some of the unethical acts of some of healthcare and medical agents.

All in all, the healthcare and medical ethic is extremely needed in the medicine. Treatment provided by the doctors to the patients must be in term of giving the best thing for the patient. Doctors have to prior the patient’s life before the money.

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