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Dominant current affairs of the world by Choden

We all know that there are so many issues that make us to believe in. There are so many dominant issues going around us. Some of the dominating current affairs are social-economic –political issues, environment, and Cultural, science and technology issues. Well to talk about each of the above affairs:

1. social-economic –political issue This issue plays the most important role in this modern world. Social –economic-political issue is not only happening in one place, it is the dominant issue all over the world. When we are talking about this issue it’s about money. It deals with money and making this world a cruel place. Developing industries and multinational companies to develop a country build national relationship between the countries but it also leads to fight. E.g.: Tibet was a Shangri-la and underdeveloped country where china decides to help Tibet to develop but when they saw the rich resources in Tibet they didn’t left Tibet but they captured it, thousand of life was killed and the Tibetan people have to run away from their homeland to survive. China has developed Tibet but in return they made a Tibetan are fighting for their freedom but the cruel world is watching without any reaction. They lose their motherland, their family, their identity but still they are struggling for their right. Political is also a dirty game where the things are under favor of rich ones and those who have power. Politics also leads to fight, corruption, fight, death and losing of freedom.

2. Environment The current affairs discussed on environment are global warming, pollution, natural disaster, deforestation, climate change and so on. These issues are all harmful for us to live and for our mother earth too. Did any one of us asked why are all this things happening, what are the reason behind and what will happen to us and our earth if all those things continues? We human always tend to go for our benefit without seeing the effects on the other things. Global warming is caused by increasing the number of factories and other which affect our environment. Which lead to increase the sea level by melting the snow on the high mountains. Increasing in the number of factories also leads to pollution, deforestation and diseases. We all know that our world is left with only few parts of Forest. We need to take care of it before it disappears.

3. Culture Culture is one of the most important identities for a nation and its people. It is the way of living that has been generated from our great grandparents. Culture is also listed as the dominant issue because when the modern things are taking place our culture and tradition that we follow is disappearing. When we talk about culture issue it also come like way of lifestyle, dressing, way of talking, and way of eating, food and so on. But when the modern technology is taking over the culture that our grandparents followed for thousands of years it’s like taking away their memories from us. We the new generations think that following our culture is old fashion and it’s boring to follow those things. I personally think that way but I relies the important of our culture after coming here in Malaysia. When I was in my country we have to wear our culture dress when we go to school also I thought it’s really disgusting but studying outside my country made me relies that how important ones culture. If we stop following our culture and go with modern things than our children won’t know what has happened during their grandparents’ time as they don’t like to follow them. If we move on with modern things than our children will not know about the history and they also they won’t know how to do their own things using their hand and brain as they are too much dependent on the technology. Suppose when the modern technology is disappearing we don’t know how to cook and make our own living. We won’t be able to survive in our own world. we will be like an alien who can from other planet. So the current issue about culture is that we need to preserve our culture and tradition as we go along with the modern world.

4. Science and technology Science and technology is also playing an important role in the development of the modern world. Science and technology has made our life more comfortable and easy to live compare to early days. Developing in technology has invented many new things like car, airplane, television, telephone, internet and many other things, which save our time. We can travel all over the world, update our self with what is going around the world, and also we can communicate with our beloved ones even thought when we are miles away. We can also send letter and application through e-mail which is easy for us. But when there are good things there will be bad things too. Science and technology helps in development of the country by when there are many industries there will be more chemical used which is bad for health and its will also cause pollution.

The dominant current issue faced by our world now I think it’s all because of globalization. Where every country want to develop and this kinds of issue take place. Where we destroy the natural things to make our life comfortable for a short period of time but we don’t know the long term effect of it. So it’s better not to destroy our history and resources for a short term happiness.

“Our task is not to make societies safe for globalization, but to make the global system safe for decent societies.” –John J.Sweeney

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