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Causes of Arab Spring

Introduction :

In recent years, the issue of arab spring become famous day by days. We can hear everywhere about this. It is happened in may countries such as : Tunisia, Egypt, Libia, Yemen, syria.What is Arab spring ? How can Arab Uprisings will mark the start of a new era in world history ?  “The Arab Spring was a series of protests and uprisings in the Middle East that began with unrest in Tunisia in late 2010. The Arab Spring has brought down regimes in some Arab countries, sparked mass violence in others, while some governments managed to delay the trouble with a mix of repression, promise of reform and state largesse.”(Primoz Manfreda, 2013) . Arab spring is also one of the ways people in changing their lives for the better. They want a good life for them and for their generation without any further oppressed. “For years, Arab regimes have expropriated power and wealth from their people. In the age of the Internet, exploding populations and greater aspirations, these regimes have been increasingly incongruous. People, regardless of their race, religion, gender or culture, do not want to live in fear. They do not want a midnight knock on their door. They want more freedoms, education for their children, decent jobs, peace and prosperity. In short, people everywhere want a life of dignity and the Arab Uprisings are the Arab people’s struggle for such a life.”(Fair Observer, January 2013)

Problem/Thesis statement :

Right up through the present issue of the Arab spring is still under discussion. Apparently it has attracted worldwide attention. There are positive and negative effects of this Arab spring. When viewed from the positive side, the Arab spring can be said to have opened the eyes of many people about the leaders who misuse power as a leader by doing things that are not appropriate to be inflicted on the people but when viewed from a negative standpoint, a lot of damage and also involving a life. Many of the reasons for the occurrence of this Arab spring such as :

1) Leader misused of power as a leader and being selfish without cocerning about others    opinion.

2) The standard of living increasing and not equal to the income made citizen felt burdened

3)  The lack of concern from the government of the high unemployment rate in a country

Content and Development/Body :

Be a leader not only in title, but in the stand which should govern a country or group well. To be a leader is a hard task as for the most important quality of a leader is sincere, efficient and trust in governing the country. As we know, leader are nothing without his/her people. As a leader there can not be a selfish feeling and think that they are very perfect, because that is the feeling that will arise the negative things in people’s hearts. As happened in Egypt, the people were oppressed by their own leaders. Their voices were ignored by their leader , Hosni Mubarak. “Egypt under the reign of Hosni Mubarak could be termed as a classical autocratic state where any form of dissent was not tolerated. The state was put under the firm control of the security apparatus that kept a lid on political activities, muzzled the press, and tortured opponents of the regime. Everything revolved around the policies of his cronies, known as the National Democratic Party” (Moign Khawaja, 2011).

Who is Hosni Mubarak ? Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak is a former Egyptian  President, leader and military commander. He served as the fourth president of Egypt from 1981 to 2011.(wikipedia, 2013). One of the vivid charactrestics of his reign period is lack of civial rights and freedoms, like the freedom of speak, protest and so on. He reign the country by the emergincy law that allow his regime to arrest anyone with no accustions. This made him furious and cruil with the opposition in the country. The Islmist groups were the most oppressed by his regime as he arrested thousands of them and his prisons were tourturing areas for any oppostions.

On the other hand, things will not happen without a reason, as well as the Arab spring. Arab spring will not happen if the leaders of the involved country were more concern about the rights and democratic demands of their people. If the countries were managed well by the leader without giving false promises to people, concerned about the condition of the people and also fair in managing things. If people begin to realised that there is  something wrong with their leader, then they will act. When their actions been ignored by superiors, rather then something untoward took place, as has happened in the Arab countries involved. As we know, the major cause of  the Arab spring revolution is because their own leaders.

The cost of living is getting more uprising and can not be accommodated by other people, especially the lower-income people. Economic conditions are unstable and has caused inflation and be a burden to the people. What do you understand about inflation ? “Inflation is a persistent increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time”.(Wikipedia, 2013). The government does not stand still in this situation, they tried to solve it but did not take it seriously. The only problem is despised by his superiors has opened people’s eyes to act championed their life. The rich are getting richer, while the poor remain poor. This is clearly only benefits one side of the party only.

Because of this situation had made people urging to go into the field and express all dissatisfaction with democracy and more. Moign Khawaja, 2011 said that “It is true that governments are not always in the position to tackle inflation. However, it is inevitably the economic policies they adopt in short/long term that sees a hike in prices of goods and creates shortages. This dents the public trust and makes it hard for the policy makers to win the confidence of the masses. The governmental economic teams make announcements after announcements of containing the inflation but the effect does not trickle down to the general public and their patience wears down, eventually leading to street protests.” Here, it can be said if all superiors do their jobs and earnest trust in resolving this matter, this kind of matters will not happen and people will continue to support and patience them.

Last but not least, the high rate of unemployment also one of the cause from the Arab Spring revolution. People are starting to worry, fear and wonder what will happen in the future with increasing rate of unemployment. Are they going to be one of the unemployment? Are they going to be one of those who have no income and started begging on the streets? What will happen to their family? This question may often play on their minds have expressed the courage to speak up to the government to help them. Unfortunately, government did not takes this matters seriously. So because of that the people and the country’s first act was threatened. Like an example in Tunisia , Moign Khawaja, 2011, wrote in his article “Revolt Checklist : 10 Reasons the Masses Seek to Overthrow the Rulers of the Middle East” , Mohammed Bouazizi from Tunisia is a prime example of how unemployment can prove deadly for a regime and how the government’s indifference proves fatal for the whole country. Instead of helping out the 26-year-old who tried his best to seek a job including his attempt to get drafted into the military and applying for jobs in both public and private sectors, the government officials confiscated his vegetables kiosk and effectively barred him from feeding his family and paying for his sister’s university fees. This proves that the government is not helping but growing burden.

Conclusion :

Arab spring could be said as the army which caused a lot of damage to property, homes, buildings, vehicles and even more are being lost due to this. Revolution held by the people to express their hearts responded brutally by superiors without thinking about the consequences. Arab spring only bring losses to both sides, therefore, before doing anything, we should think of the consequences to the country. The peace of one country cannot be achieved if there is no tolerance between the leader and the citizens of that particular country.

How to solve this Arab spring matters ? “In order to draw parallels to the transitions in the Middle East and those in other regions, the problems facing the new Arab democracies should be studied and understood. Some issues apparent in all of these countries include economic problems, the role of Islam in the political system, security concerns, and a lack of experience with democracy. Of course, there also exist further problems whose characteristics and presence are unique to each of these countries. Before any solution to these problems can be found, the problems must be studied and analyzed.” (Cody, 2012)


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