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Is United Nation an independent body?

The United Nation (UN) is an organisation created in 1945 to promote international cooperation on all aspect of social and economic development. Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in case of famine, natural disasters, and armed conflict. At the millennium meeting in 2001, UN through world leaders it formed a set of millennium development aimed at eradicating extreme poverty and hunger in, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, combating HIV/AIDS malaria and other diseases and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Since 1945, it has made a list of mission especially peace keeping mission. Also, one among of its responsibility is to work for protection of human rights. Actually, protection of human right is part of what they do, but it seems in its operation in protection of human right it does not follow the rule of law where all people must be treated equally. It is not all nations are equally treated in terms of protection of human rights instead some nations are given first priority. An immediate action is taken to some nation when it faces urgent problem while there is delay to other nations when they face the same problem. An act of the United Nation to be much concern to some nations than other nation in terms of provision of its service especially peace keeping it has led this research to come with an argument that the United Nation is it an independent global body or it works only for some nations. An Intervention of UN in Burma, Syria, and Baghdad can be used to prove whether the United Nation is it independent body. Base on UN’S intervention in Burma, Syria and Baghdad killing it led this research paper to argue whether if the United Nation is an independent body.

Looking at the military invasion of the United State as a member of the United Nation (UN) with its allies in Baghdad (Iraq), based on its attack and weapons they use among of its members against people of Iraq it has caused the United Nation to be thought it is not working according to its responsibility, but its works for interest of some nation. Due to several number of reasons, it has caused me to argue that the United Nation (UN) is it an independent body. For instance, despite the fact that five permanent members of UN are responsible for protection of human rights, it has happened one among of them violate human rights. For instance, there are claims which mentioned one among of the permanent members of UN violated human rights when it uses illegal weapons against people. Question is why UN says that they are working for protection of human right while one among of its member had violated human right when it killed people with illegal weapons. According to the UN rule, illegal weapons should not be used by any nation against civilian, but it has happened some of permanent members used it against people of other nation. The following is the evidence to verify the truth of the use of the depleted uranium (DU) by United States (US) troops.

In press briefing On 26 March 2001 brigadier general brooks verified and admitted the truth of the use of depleted uranium (DU) weapons during US and UK troops in  attacks on Iraq which started on 21 march 2001 (2001, A, Maida). As UN known as independent body, it should not work for some nation. If United Nation is independent body it should not allow its member to go against what it has to do. Since all five permanent members have a power to veto, they can stop any member from doing things which have not agreed by UN. So, an act of the US used illegal weapons against people without being stopped and accused by UN, it has left many people including me dilemma to know whether UN is it an independent body or it works for some nation. The United Nation has ready take an urgent action to some country such as Iraq at a moment they suspect it possessed a weapons of mass destruction.

But there is some country despite the fact that they are widely believed that they possesses nuclear which in turn can be used as a weapon of mass destruction, they have not even told anything on their possession of nuclear weapons. For instance, Israel is one of the four nuclear armed countries not recognised as nuclear weapons by nuclear Non-proliferation treaty (NPT). There is no even one day it has happened that Israel is told not to possess nuclear weapon, but other nation such as Iran despite the fact that they do not have they have ready given sanction to stop using its uranium . This implies that some of the laws that have formed by UN do not favour all people but they favour a certain group of people. To show that UN is independent body it should make sure that its law should be implemented by all nation and not by some nation.

The United Nation its interference in Burma killing. UN did not interfere as it supposed to interfere in Burma killing and it has not taken any measures to the Burma government which kill innocent people. The UN has refused to take the citizen of Burma, Muslim as refugee. According to the research these people are nowhere to go and wait for their disturbing death. UN took no action against Burma government in stopping them for killing their citizen. So, it seems that the United Nation does support citizen of the world which belongs to a certain group or ethnic or religion, that is why they refused to take citizen who did have nowhere to go as refugee. As a result of the UN nation failed to take sustainable action to stop Burma government from killing its citizen despite the fact that they have such ability, it implies that the United Nation is not working for all citizen of the world as we know, but it works for a certain citizen or certain group of people who has great influence on formation of the united nation.

If the United Nation does not work for all citizen of the world as it should do, it cannot be an independent body. An independent body must provide its service to all citizens of the world regardless their religion, gender, ethnic, country of origin and other else. As the purpose of the United Nations is to bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, based on the principles of justice, human dignity and the well-being of the people, so when there is absence of peace due to violation of human rights which is done by dictatorship government to its citizen at any nation such as Burma the United Nation must do its responsibility of ensuring human rights of the world’s citizen are well protected.

Comparison of the United Nation on its response to massive killing in Syria and in USA due terrorist an attack on September/11 also it can be used to determine whether the United Nation is it an independent body. When the problems happen at any nation especially terrorist attacks, the United Nation always makes a lot of resolution in response to problem, but unknown thing is that why the UN took resolution on the America as a radical resolution. The resolution passed on September 28, 2011 was among the most radical of all UN resolutions ever considered. Despite the fact that there in the world it has ready happen several terrorist attack in different nation as what it happens in the us, but the United Nation shown less concern if it is compared to September eleven attack in US. An attack on September eleven caused many people died; number of people who died on September eleven is less than number of people who are still dying in Syria nowadays.

It was about 3000 people, who died as a result of September11 terrorist attack in United State, but according to the research, two and a half years after Syria’s civil war began, more than 100,000 people have died. Until today UN has never make any attack to the co-existing government in Syria which is headed by President Bashar al- Assad. It seems that there is division between permanent members of UN when it raises issue of discussing what they should do in order to resolve co-existing civil war in Syria. Two members of the permanent members who have power to veto strongly disagree the United Nation to enter into war with military regime of Bashar- al-Asaad who kills innocent people. Other member of the United Nation such as United State and United Kingdom wants to strike the government of Syria, but they are stopped to do so by Russia and China due to their power to veto. Something behind on giving first priority to some nation by the United Nation in terms of protecting human rights is still not known.

An act of Russia and China as a member of UN who have power to veto disagree the United Nation  from going to stop massive killing in Syria without important reasons, it implies that some of the United Nation member has their own interest on co-existing civil war in Syria. If there is no any interest in Syria why they do not want the United Nation to engage in resolving co –existing civil war in Syria where innocent people are killed. Somehow the United Nation can be considered as they participate in promoting co-existing civil war in Syria. The United Nation can be considered as they promote civil war in Syria because two of its member does not want the existing government in Syria to be stepped down. For instance, Russia and China declared that they will defend Syria from any foreign attack. Russia president Vladimir Putin declared openly that he is already supplying arms to Syrian tyrant Bashar Assad and vowed to step up support if a planned missile attack goes ahead. Also, the following is another declaration of Russia president on his agenda of protecting Syria from any foreign military strike. “Will we help Syria? We will. And we are already helping, we sends arms, we cooperate in the economic sphere,” Mr Putin declared.  Due to his declaration on protecting Syria government which kill its citizen, it means that as long as it cooperates economically with Syria there is no need to step down existing government despite the fact that they violate human rights.

The question that is still left unknown is; why United Nation declared that part of its responsibility is to work for protection of human rights to all people as well as promoting peace, why some of its member such as Russia and china do not want other member of UN such as US, UK and France to launch military strike to Syria government in order to protect innocent citizen from being killed as well as their rights from being violated. All of its members are aware on what is going on in Syria in terms of violation of human rights and how many people are died as a result of fighting between government and its rebel.

An act of protecting Syria government from being invaded by UN it implies that there is economic benefit they gain to some of the permanent member who strongly does want Syria to be invaded.  Such economic benefit they gain comes from money which they receive as a result of selling weapons to both Syria government and its rebel. Assad’s government is one of the chief buyer of Russian arms and a strong economic partner of china. If the United Nation is an independent body it should not stop its responsibility of protecting human rights because some of its members have economic partnership in Syria. An act of taking immediate action to those countries which does not have relationship especially economic relationship to some or all members of the United Nation it indicate that the United Nation is not an independent body but it works for some country for their personal gain. If it does not work for some nation especially in protecting human rights, it treat all nations as they deserve to be treated without looking  their economic cooperation to some member of the United Nation.

In conclusion, despite the fact that  the United Nation perform well its responsibility, based on research found it seems that it become much concerned to some nation in terms of provision its service especially in case of promoting peace and security. All nations are not equally treated by the United Nation. Hence, if the United Nation is not fear in performing its responsibility to all nations, it means it works for some nation. The United Nation can be independent unless there is equality when it distributes its service to in all nations around the world. This research paper concluded that the United Nation is not an independent body.


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