Achievement of human right in African country since their independence

1. Zainoul Abidine Sanoussy Junior (moderator)

2. Abdul Razak Nassir (panelist 1)

3. Mamadou Ly (panelist 2)

4. Sharmarke Abdirahman Mohamed (panelist 3)

5. Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed (panelist 4)

Topic: how far has human right being achieved in African countries since their independence.

Thesis statement: our main focused will be four different countries of our respective panelist. most of the African countries had problem for respecting human right after their independence so this discussion will highlight some of them and how the NGOs struggled to overcome this problem.

Supportive point: 

  1. non-respect of human right by the government

  2. non-respect of democracy

  3. role of NGOs and civil society organisations

Point covered by each panelist:

panelist 1:

  1. What is the current status of Uganda’s human rights in comparison to the previous regimes and how does the international community view it today?

  2. Has the government of Uganda done enough to improve human rights in Uganda?

panelist 2

  1. how has human rights be respected in Guinea after the independence?

  2. people were afraid to even express themselves at sometime in Guinea, what was the role of NGOs and civil society organisations?

panelist 3:

  1. how important was human rights to people in Somalia after the civil war?

  2. what was the role of NGOs and civil society organisation after the civil war in Somalia?

panelist 4:

  1. how is the situation in Kenya in term s of political freedom?

  2. What is the function of human rights organisation in Kenya?

  3. How does the security forces/police exercise their authority?


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