World War 1

Week eleven, during lecture class of current affair was started by opened the video about the First World War as the Great War as I know when I started to read the history subject one of my favorite subject that I have studied during my secondary school because it was on the most exposed war in the history of world and it really enormous war that I have heard. Then the lecturer had shown a video which related with the First World War during the time of lecture. They had also mentioned some causes and effects of the First World War those have given me a clear idea about the First World War. I really enjoyed on watching the video because it’ made me more understanding and the video which made by the maker it really fun when we watch it won’t serious as War as danger like they mention. During the lecture we had to answer few questions which were distributed to us:

Is war avoidable, and is permanent peace achievable?

I think the war it unavoidable because the main who wanted to create the war will never care what will effect they just care for themselves even in the last day of this earth we have to face with the war and for the permanent peace we can’t totally get it because I believe that there is no achievable permanent peace if have just somehow but there is no forever.

Distinguish between peace-making, peace keeping and peace building.

Peace-making is someone who tries to take peace in a society. Peace keeping is the active maintenance of a truce between countries by international military forces. Peace building is a term which is used to describe the activities and processes involved in solving conflicts and creating a justifiable peace.

DO you think that the UN has failed in its mission? If so, how has it failed? If not, what are its successes? 

For me I can say that UN has failed in its mission because they did not achieve their main goal as they keep their mission to work on in the case of peaceful and in the some case they just ignore and help after the problem has been gone so, it is not real professor even they has been succeed in the some case.

The declaration of humans’ rights is a worthless document. Do you agree? State your reasons clearly and rationally. 

For me, I don’t agree of human’s rights is a worthless document because it is a useful document for the people who has no chance to get it to protect the safety or their human’s right that support to has and respect .People has equality of life to get in their way to alive which is refer to definite all human rights.

In my point of view, World War 1, its effect in many areas, damage of human life and property, and in the political, social and economic field. It has killed so many of people and I think the war it has the positive and negative side but the most effect is negative side as we can see from the country which has the war most of them have to lose their happiness life, no peaceful and the country become non-develop country because the war has destroy or damage of human life cause of non- enough need of the more control people who wanted to be in the high level.


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