Why people are different in ethical views

Here, I would like to reflect on the summative reflective diary. It had been almost four months for us to study about Introduction to Ethics. We had studied many lesson from this course, such as: west ethics, eastern ethics, Islamic ethics, application of ethics, and contemporary ethical issues. It was a nice thing for me to study about ethics. Ethics was useful for us in order for us to know what was ethical or not in this world. From this course, I realised what was good or not good about something. The term what was good or not good here could be defined as ethical or not ethical.

Here, I also just knew that we could see whether something was ethical or not from several perspectives. It was when we studied about ethical decision making frameworks. In that topic, it was explained that there were few frameworks for us to see whether things that we did was ethical or not. For me, I saw something from religion view or divine command ethics.

Well, for this summative reflective diary, I would like to tell the topics that I like the most during this course, Introduction to Ethics. I liked the topics about five ethical decision making frameworks which was delivered by Mr Jaime Alfredo Cabrera and I also liked the topic about LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) which was delivered by DR Faosiy. I liked five ethical decision making frameworks because that topic was interesting. The way that Mr Jaime explained was very good. He brought the lecture very nicely. Moreover, from this topic as well, I realised that we saw something ethical or not from different sides. This lecture made me understand why people had different view to see something ethical or not. For LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) which was brought by DR Fousiy, I liked it because I ever heard about LGBT from the media. In this case, I knew it from TV. It was ever explained by TV about the life of LGBT people. This lecture then brought my interest back again to know more about LGBT, not only by watching from TV.

For the topic that I did not like, I thought that eastern ethics was not interesting for me since it was just a theory. I meant, we needed to get something interesting from this topic, such as: how Chinese ethics develop in the country and how those Chinese still keep their ethics. In addition, the way of the lecture should be interesting. Here, the lecture at that time was just a talk without interacting with the student.

In conclusion, I liked most of the lectures during Introduction to Ethics. All the lesson from this course was very beneficial for us, especially if we could apply this lesson to our life. Then, we also could understand why people were different in ethics view.


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