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Why do we need to learn ethics?

Introduction to ethic is one of the core subjects which we have to take for our degree program. Basically, the subject is about ethical dilemma and how to resolve those issues. As a first time learner of introduction to ethics subject, I had many questions. Why do we need to learn this? How does it relate to our faculty subject? How can it help to our future career?  But when I went for the first lecture for Introduction to Ethics, I was quite impressed by the subject and the new  professors and lecturers who were going to teach  this subject.

All my questions were answered after the first lecture. I think introduction to ethics is a  subject which  is necessary to be taught and  learned by today’s University students. It will somehow help us to be a better human in future.

On the first lecture, we were given articles on different issues which happened recently and were related to ethical dilemma. After reading the articles, we had to reflect on the ethical issues based on our perspectives. I told myself that I had never given a thought about the articles I read.  Not only we had to find out the problems and cause by ourselves but also share our views with the other group members. It is good to share other people’s point of views on the same topic in order to understand the different perspective of the issue. Then, we had to present our findings from the articles to our class. Prof. Evangelos gave some comments and feedbacks on our findings as well as on  the issues. I was enlightened with ethical dilemmas from that session.

During tutorial session, we discussed on an ethical issue which happened in Malaysia. It is so called “Listen, listen…” issue. One of our friends explained about the issue and we had open discussion on that topic. It was an interesting topic for all of us.

Over all, the first week of the introduction to ethic sessions were very fascinating and enjoyable. I am exciting to discuss more ethical issues with others.

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