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What really brings about divorce?

During the lecture on contemporary ethical issues, the issue of divorce was brought up. It caused a bit of stir. Some students even shared their family problems that have been caused by divorce.  Some of the lecturers shared their personal experience about divorce. Although I did not share my thoughts during the lecture but I did reflect on the issue.

One of the biggest victims of divorce are children, children with divorced parents have to endure living with a single parent. They usually experience a psychological trauma and this could haunt them for a very long time. Sometimes it might even affect their performance at school.

From the class, I learned that one of the most common causes of divorce is misunderstanding between couples and this misunderstanding in most cases is caused by third parties like family members, some family members especially mother in-laws like to interfere in the marriages of their children and their inferences is usually negative. Some parents usually like to control their children even in their martial homes, when this happens it usually marks the beginning of problems and ultimately divorce.

Another cause of divorce is materialism, many ladies are obsessed with materialism. They expect their husbands to provide them with all needs and wants and when the husband cannot afford them, they resort to problems such as refusing to carry out their matrimonial duties, not talking to their husbands etc. When they realize that this is not working, they might ask for a divorce. In some cases the husband might divorce the wife without the wife asking for it. Outside interferences from family members usually help accelerate the divorce.

Furthermore, divorce is also common among couples who got married without knowing each other much.

This usually happens to couples who got married through arranged marriages. Marriage is a lifelong commitment between two people and as such it requires compatibility between the two parties. Knowing if one is compatible with the other person requires time but couples who marry through arranged marriages don’t get this chance. Knowing your future spouse very well lets you know if you two are compatible or not.

In conclusion, some of the causes of divorce are; arranged marriages, misunderstanding and materialism. Divorce has negative impacts on the children.


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