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What is Ethics ? by Ahmed Nasir

What is ethics?

According to my understanding of Ethics, it is the study of morality. It’s about how we define right and wrong. We apply ethical thinking in our everyday lives all the time. Whatever decision or choice we makes involves a component of ethical thinking as all our lives are involved around ethical issues and all our actions have consequences to others. What I consider right to me may not be right for someone, as it is based on personal values and my value judgment. In my understanding the study of ethics is about getting our ethical views right.

Delhi gang-rape accused were tortured by police, lawyer claims

During the lecture we were given to discuss cases from all over the world that involved components of ethics in them, in our group we discussed about the issue of the Delhi gang rape convicts being tortured in police custody. These men brutally raped an innocent women leading to her death and assaulted her friend. Should they be treated nicely? Do they deserve to be treated nicely?  Is it ethical for police to torture criminals in custody? But they are also humans, don’t they deserve a fair trial? Is it ok for the lawyers to use even defend men like these in the courts? What did the girl do wrong to deserve that fate? Why did the men treat her like that?  These area all some of the questions that came up during our discussions of the issue. After the discussions we were able to identify that there are several ethical issues in this single case the two main cases we identified are cultural attitude towards women and torture of prisoners and criminals in interrogation and custody.  During these discussion came to the realization that there are discrepancies in the viewpoints on some of the answers to these questions among our group which served as evidence of the involvement of the value judgments. This aim of this exercise however was not to define what and who is right or wrong, however it was to describe, analyze and try to explain why these things are happening.

Is it ethical to use the pirated soft wares that we use every day?

The next day while discussing with a friend we applied the same exercise on something which is closely related to our daily lives. Our discussions evolved around “Is it ethical to use pirated soft wares that we use every day”. Is it ethical for us to use pirated soft wares? It is the hard work of a lot of people and they do it earn their living. We are destroying their livelihood by choosing the pirated copies of their soft wares above the legal purchases. Then again the prices of these software’s are too high, we are unable to afford them, does that mean we do not deserve to benefit from them. Is it fair that we do not get to benefit from these technologies and soft wares?

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