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what differentiates the Arab revolution with an Arab gathering

During week nine seminar of current affair the topic was so interesting and it’s new thing for me to learn in this week because the topic it’s about Arab spring so this word it made my mind thought in another way or totally different with the topic that has given by the lecturer. I was so excited to give full attention to it at that time Dr. Hamid held on the lecture class in fact I have no ideas  about this topic. Indeed it helped me to help myself and guiding the clearer picture for me because he was explained in clear information which everyone could understand it. Moreover, in class we watched video that was talking about case of around the world. But today Mr. Hamid only focus to Arab Spring and democracy video where is talked by Dalia Mogahed, Wael Ghanim, Wardah Khanfar and Zahra Langhi.

First, I would like to share some knowledge from what I got from this lecture. Arab spring is a current issue which can refer civil war, protests and religious issues arising in the latter part of 2010 as I remember from the last lecture when we discuss about the Arab spring, Egypt, Tunisia and Syria should be taken in to consideration. From my point of view, globalization is one of the main issues which central for conflicts in among that countries. Even the innovative of technology which is always changing or the media it becomes the main part of our life which are difficult to deny in order to globalization. Such as, newspapers, face book, skype, Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya to provide the easier way to people need influence by those things and the people who are interested on Arab spring to provide a positive thoughts who were miss leaded by politicians and so on. I think technology can play as medium to people in spread and give information where is you would like to know however, it might be the worst thing if we don’t on how to manage it in the correct way.

Arab spring started as a revolution of the mass people. It was only as a matter of time when the fire inside the people’s heart will burst out and overthrow the rulers. The Arab revolution that started in Tunisia, spread throughout Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Sudan and many other countries. Everything comes with a price, those peoples also had to suffer a lot for this new era. The rulers underestimate the revolution and used brute forces to stop it. Yet with the power of media and television the protesters able to show the whole world the real picture of the revolution. The variation came not from the violence, from the intention of the revolution. The change happened when people of all ages, genders, occupations came down to one stage and fight together for a greater glory. This kind of unified revolution had never been happened before. Sometimes lack of unity and people’s intention can cause division in this revolution. This time all the Arab regions stand together and fight for their right. The start was always difficult, so for a long time these regions were suffering from a same political and governmental problems, corruption and intolerance. The turmoil in those regions were uprising in a violent way due to imposing military forces to suppress the protest. In spite of running off from the field, youths kept organizing and inspiring the mass population. The role of women in this Arab spring was a significant sign of women empowerment in Arab. Ladies came to frontline of the battlefield and fought with courage and dignity. They provided foods, water and shelter to the revolutionists as much as they could. One of the noteworthy factor for the success of Arab spring was the unity of the mass people. Many protests and mass gathering had happened in many countries, none of those went up to the level of revolution to satisfy the goal because of lack of integrity and unity of a common trust and objective. This is what differentiates the Arab revolution with an Arab gathering.

I think the people are going to have to be very patient because now it is the hard part. It’s going to take a while before a democracy is achieved and maintained, and whatever new government is put in place is going to have a lot of fixing to do, especially in Libya, Syria, and Egypt where the countries are torn apart, and controlling by the soldiers.

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