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Week 4 – Reflective Diary on Hinduism By Shagufa Shahista Mahboob

Hinduism. What is Hinduism? How did Hinduism Begin? Why are there millions of Gods in Hinduism culture? What are some of the sacred texts of Hindu’s? What do Hindu’s believe in? Why do Hinduism think that human life is supreme? These are some of the questions that also rises in my mind when i think of Hinduism. Hinduism is one of the third largest cultures in the world, more then 800 million people follow this culture.By praying to various number of Gods. The place where i come from also consists of Hinduism culture , so i have experienced living around Hindi community. Celebrating heir festivals and also functions which has given me that much of knowledge that i understand a bit about Hindu culture.

Hinduism is one the the oldest religions of humanity which means that they believe in karma and dharma. This religion is mostly followed by Indian people mostly in India which Hinduism is originated from and also Nepal. If we look at Hinduism religion it has it’s own categories , which means that it gave birth to other religion similar to Hinduism, for instance, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and others.  This religion focuses on tolerances and diversity which says that “Truth is one, paths are many”. Simply means that there is only one truth but in order to reach that truth you will come across many paths which would be either a bed of roses or a ground of thrones. There was no particular founder of this religion but Hinduism was the Indus river valley civilization for more then 5000 years ago. Aryans , Vedic and Upanishads are some of the sectors and texts of Hindu religion.Hinduism is a “polytheism” which means that there are many Gods with many different rituals. Shruti , Smriti , Ramayana, Mahabharata, are some of the divine texts in Hinduism.

Hinduism believe in Karma and Dharma . For karma there is always good and bad. It depends on which seed you have planted in you life. If have have planted seed of cactus then it says that there would be evil and many difficulties faced on the way and if you have planted seed of a beautiful tree then life will show you the right path and will always protect one from evil. Hindiusm  like other cultures also have its casting systems. For example, there are four stations of life and four stages of life the four stations of life is Priest and teachers , nobles and warriors ,merchant class , servant class. And the four stages of life is student , householder,  retired , renunciation. There is also duties allocated to each as well pleasure , success , social responsibilities and religious responsibilities. Hindu’s offer puja to the various gods in the form of prayer and in returned they get prasad which is a kind of blessing given by the gods.

There are different  gods allocated different jobs and duties like Brahma , he is the creator . Vishnu is the preserver. Shiva is the god for construction and destruction. Nataraj is the lord for dance. Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom. Laskmi is goddess of fortune and many others which have there own duties to follow . Hinduism hav different festivals like holi , ramnomi, diwali. Some the the Hindu religion allows people to eat meat exception on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s but the other caste prohibits eating meat. Like in Saiuism eating any kind of meat is a sin even eating egg would be sin this religion totally depend on vegetables. This is one of the culture which is very big but in the end it just teaches us what is right and what is wrong .

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