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Week 4 – Conflict and conflict areas – by Yug Tara Moktan

During this week, we started our session by our lecturer Mr. Faouzy, who gave us so understandable lecture about the types of conflict and its subtypes of conflict with revising the last session of the lecture. Consequently, he also presented the map of the world conflicts between many countries by explaining it in a easy way to understand by asking question to us because we were nearly sleeping mode by his lecture but frankly, somehow I  was paying attention on to his lecture.

Honestly, indeed this week taught me more about the current affairs that politics also the one of the most important part  and its importance of the current situation in the world. Though politics has both positive and negative aspects towards the development of the world, but in many ways , it is giving enrich revolution in the particular field for the development of a particular country. In addition, this week session also help me to understand more on politics because before I was not interested in politics and whenever I hear this word I used to neglect completely without knowing anything about it. Now, from that lecture, I realize that politics is very important for our daily life.

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