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Week 3 – Conflict and conflict areas – by Yug Tara Moktan

In this week, we started our lecture session with talking about the news which travel very fast from all media but in variably and they get keep us manipulation and untruth. To clear on this topic, lecture explained on example of news that Malaysia election to be held for five years but government was ruling in 3 years. Government of Malaysia can chose where election will be held and they do not have 2-3 rules so constitution can not change. From this example made me to think more on it to get the main point of view.

Even about the livelihood, I also do agree with our lecturer that it happened never because people will be aware, expose but very unlikely it is possible to the society. Similarly in another example that Syria is still important country in political situation. Usually the world weaker point of defense is non-ethnic minority. We also have gone through the globalization is because of science and technology so it can not say only economic. It is also inter-change of world views, products, ideas for some reasons.

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