Week 1 – Dominant Current Issues in the world – by Yug Tara Moktan

During lecture class of seminar on current affairs, we have studied about the current affairs where one of our lecture explained that dominant current issues in the world. Indeed this week help me to understand the seminar on current affairs topics and all. But anyway, I could manage to adopt some new words after the lecturer class. Because this course was new to me and I never heard about it before but it is okay that I force myself to study this course because it is compulsory to take this course and I do not have any choices.

After the tutorial class, I realized that seminar on current affairs is not hard as I thought before because our lecture Mr. John Britto taught us about it in simply and easy way by giving meaningful points to clarify the topics which was giving me the flash back of the lecture class. Before I was wrong that why we need to take this course for the IT students, now I realized that students, I think this is very important course for contingency of current situation of education.


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