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Week 1 & 2: What is Ethics? – by muizzu

In  the first week, we learned that ethics is the philosophical study of morality. Which means it is a study of what are good and bad in life and what it is right and wrong to do in the conduct of life. The primary aim is not to suggest action but rather to describe, analyze, and explain certain aspect of human life.  To fully understand ethics we should know what is meant by morality, which is defined as making moral judgments based on reasoning. To understand more about ethics our lecturer carried out an activity in the second weeks tutorial class.

In the tutorial class, our lecturer, Mr. John Britto, divided the class in to two groups identified as group one and two. Group one was asked to make a circle at the back of the class and to sit in that circle. Group two was asked to choose a random student from group one and to stand behind that student. By then lecturer has introduced a topic of discussion to the group one and the group two students were to listen to the discussion without any interception. The topic was “Is lying worse than killing”. My take on the topic was that lying was in many cases worse than killing. I justified my answer based on world renowned lie. The lie, I stated was the lie of WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) used by America’s government to invade Iraq. as a result of that lie thousands of innocent people died and to this day the country is unstable.

Another student who oppose to the topic also made a relevant point. His idea is that everyone should be given a chance to correct the mistakes they make or the crime they commit. In short the idea of the second chance.

Finally as the end of the allocated time drew near all the members came to an understanding. It was that the extent of which is worse can only be determined based on the situation.

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