w-6 Current affairs, by- UBAID UR RAZA

In week six, the topic of our discussion was Globalization. In the starting of the class our lecturer (Dr. Avengelors) shows a video related to the causes of global warming but unfortunately due the the technical problem we did not watch the video, during this time period we were given to make the list of key issue of global warming.

The list of problems and list of solution is prioritized in different ways. For instance, we can look on the example of global warming. The amount of money need to be spent on fighting global warming is double the amount of money needed for providing whole world food and clean water for the rest of time. So according to economist it is better to solve those issues in which we can make more difference and improve our society. For this particular reason there is Cost Benefit Analysis, an index which gives the ratio between the investments either in form of money or time and then how much difference it will make.

During our tutorial class, we continue our discussion by making groups and gives our opinion about the issue. In the end of the class Mr John Britto conclude the whole discussion and enlighten us from some more important points, any way the topic and class was very interesting.


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