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United Nations – My thoughts

Week 7 was all about United Nations and its functions. What is United Nations? The United Nations was officially started on 24th of October 1945. UN charter had been approved by a majority of the original 51 member state. Its purpose is to bring all nations of the world together to work for peace and development, based on principles of justice and human dignity. It gives the opportunity for countries to balance national interests when facing international problems.

Currently, 192 members are in UN. The UN headquarters is in New York City but land and buildings are in international zone. The UN has its own flag, post office and, own postage stamps. Six official languages are used at UN such as, English, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, French and, Spanish.  The UN European headquarters is in Geneva Switzerland. The senior officer of the UN secretariat is the secretary- general which has been held by Ban Ki- moon of South Korea since 2007.

The UN has been done a lot of development projects such as, 20 March 2013 – Caribbean nations are participating today in a full-scale tsunami alert exercise organized under United Nations helps to test their reaction capacity, 20 March 2013 – Access to education and lifelong learning must be at the heart of the development agenda, global experts stressed at a United Nations-backed conference in Dakar, Senegal.

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