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United Nations-Inside Out

United Nations is an international and intergovernmental organization which meant to supervise and oversee the peace building as well as peace keeping and security, enforcing by rules and regulations among the member countries. The birth of this organization was in  post second world war time where countries were fusing in wars, subsequent efforts of peace keeping among nations were in vein such as League of Nations. UN promised the world to make a better peaceful place preserving human rights, coming up with universal declaration of human rights. Here I am not going to give facts about UN like how many members, how many councils etc. which are all known. I will try to reflect upon the inside stories of UN.

For starting, let me guess something what is peace-keeping, peace-making and peace-building. I think, Peace-making comes first, as it is initiatives and plans for making peaceful condition in regions. Then peace-building, which is creating process and building foundation for peace missions. Later, peace-keeping, to maintain and sustain peace in that region spontaneously or by force. Now, many failures and many success have put this organization in a very confusing place to judge for all those peace staffs. The main strength of UN is the union of every independent countries of the world to make sure the equality of national and individual rights.

On the other hand the worst shortcoming of UN is being the puppet of superpower countries most of the time when we need UN in the forefront in a bold, ethical and righteous manner. Majority of the excuses for and against the UN are valid and timely. We all understand our own stand, but it is also necessary to understand the reasons behind stand of UN in a situation. To be precise, many accuse UN for the failure of stopping the corrupted wars i.e. war which not for rights, rather war for exploitation and domination. Take the example of Vietnam War, which was between United States and Vietnam. USA tried to capture and exploit Vietnam for its own interest. United Nations was a premature child then. Again, in 2003, world watched history’s one of the ruthless and unethical war called by USA over Iraq, fooling the world in name of terrorism to gain control of Iraq’s oil resources.

Here, the UN was an established entity with so much promise to stop wars, though it was surprisingly powerless. From there, the role of UN is been compromised and countless discussions have tried to question is really UN an independent organization or a watchdog of powerful nations. There are numerous cases where UN had failed shamefully to prove its authenticity and promises for a peaceful world. So, I believe in this world, War is not totally unavoidable, as because misunderstanding, greed and misguidance happens even at Heaven. Thus peace, tranquility may not last for infinity time. Yet we can minimize the occurrence of war anyhow, by nurturing honesty, benevolence, humanity, understanding, tolerance etc. qualities inside our hearts. Again it is too easy to say but too difficult to be done.

However, the success stories of UN are also not so less. Countries which were at internal violence or dominancy issues, UN tried to help them out of the conflict zone and provide necessary aid. UN also asks its member countries to provide manpower, specially military forces for peacekeeping missions in Congo, Sierra Leon, Uganda,  Haiti, South Sudan and many more important peacekeeping missions, peace building processes, independence movements, crisis resolution across several continents are been empowered by UN aid and forces. So it clear that we simply cannot accuse UN for failure since many successes have achieved though.

A very under talked area of interest about UN is the document of universal declaration of human rights. UN is committed solely to preserve human rights above all, though it’s been a very tough job to be done all way through. Truly, UN cannot solve each and every problem in this world for obvious reasons. The declaration of human rights is always been suppressed by several governmental, political issues. Thus to blame there comes a self-responsibility, what we have done to implement the contents of that document. Nothing becomes valuable without the proper care and vision of human being. Something is valuable to me because I care for it, for someone else this might not be the same. There are so much potential, the need is to harness from it. Think about Graphite, a very inexpensive mineral. If I don’t care much what I can do with it, I won’t get anything. But if I care, I can get a luxurious Diamond. The choice is ours. What I am trying to mean is that, the declaration of human rights document is nothing but a piece of scrap paper without appropriate attention and care from the human being, it is not worthless by itself.

Nowadays one of the most controversial focal points in UN is the roles of the Security Council. The Security Council membership is constant and all the members are biggest superpowers of world. Their positions in a particular subject give rise to questions and dilemmas. Many people agree with reformation of current council, many stand still for present members. I believe there need a reformation to balance the power of the world. There need a periodic reformation to be precise so that no country take too much power all the time. Also I think there is need for more council members than present. Also choosing the council membership process should be transparent and honorable.

At this point, ICJ and ICC are two sub-organizations of UN who have been very busy with the ongoing conflicts around the globe. ICJ is for ensuring the justice for all, regardless nation, gender, race, or class. It was created to empower the human rights declarations in cases of violation of peace and justice. And ICC solely stand only for adjudicating criminal acts occurred across nations. This court serves on special occasions or permissions from UN and also involved countries. If a criminal from one country is hiding in another country this court is been called upon to bring verdicts.  For instance, I believed ICJ has not yet outlived its worth. ICJ is not an independent court, it is bound by many laws from UN, and as dealing with international justice issues are not an easy task. It needs attention and correct intention from international and involved countries. Thus, it cannot work freely always, as it meant to be. So I consider we need to be more open to UN and ICJ to let it handle any justice issue. A true insight in this matter in needed.

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