United Nations and Panel Discussion

In this week (week 9th) we learnt about United Nation which is delivered by prof. Omar Farok. United Nation is an international organisation and it has 194 members’ states. It also has 6 principal organs which are the general assembly, the Security Council, economic & social council, secretariat, international court & justice and also UN trusteeship council. It’s headquarters at New York. Furthermore, I also got a deep understanding about United Nation because before this I already heard about this, but not in deeply such as their precedency is rotated by 1 month.

In this tutorial class, our lecturer has given us some interesting games. I really enjoyed the game, especially when the whole class were shared about their life and experiences; I feel we are in one family. Beside, my lecturer also has delivered a group task which was Panel Discussion. We formed a group consist of 5 persons; 1 moderator and 4 speaker. In my group, we have 3 boys (me, Afraz and Khalid) and 2 girls (Husna and Harisah). Our topic is about democracy. We also decided the time and venue for this task. After discussing, we finally decide to have it at Thursday evening in foundation building. There was one group before our turn in that particular day. So we listen an interesting discussion from that group. I actually forgot the topic of that group, but I can take some of the points of them. They were discussing about the influences of modernity to traditional, they have different ideas about it. Some were agree with the modernity, some were against modernity in their community.

My role in this discussion is as a moderator. It was a great day, it was my first time to be a moderator, so it was really challenge for me. But I enjoyed very much in that discussion, I can improve my communication skills and so on. I hope by this activity, I can make my English and my communication skills better and better.

Week 9:


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