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United Nations

This week we learnt about structure and dynamics of United Nation. UN is not a new term to me since I have learnt and known a little bit about it. United Nation is an international oganisation which was founded in 1945 and consists of 194 member nations. United Nation is a link of countries in the world. This oganisation is in charge of international law, security, economic development, social progress, human rights and world peace. Besides that, there are six principle organs in UN which are General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, the Secretarial, the International Court of Justice, the UN Trusteeship Council and many smaller organisations working under United Nation such as WTO, UNICEF, WFP and so on.

Each council in UN works for its own functions which mostly for the aim of bringing peace to the world and helping countries to be advanced. For example, WTO (World Trade Oganisation) is established for business field where people around the world can make trade from country to country and contribute to development of countries. United Nation places its Headquarter in New York city together with some important sub-headquarters in Geneva, Nairobi, and Vienna. People work in United Nation commonly use Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish because countries which speak those language have strong authority and voice in United Nation. In class activity, we were asked to answer questions which related to the subject of the lecture and those answers for questions should be included in our reflective diary. First, I would like to discuss about the role of UN in my region.

Since I am from Vietnam and in the world map as we can see that my country is located in South East of Asia. There are 11 countries in total of regional area. UN is an oganisation which mainly works for peace of the world. In our region we set up an organization which called as ASEAN between countries for the aim of cooperation in economic, politic, culture, and development of each country by helping each other to grow. UN creates a good condition for peace among countries in ASEAN to live in a peaceful area. However, people cannot control what will happen in this life and engagements between countries in same and nearby region are unexpected occur such as conflicts in border areas Thailand-Cambodia, Philippine-Malaysia, Malaysia-Indonesia and so on.

Secondly, I have to give my point on if I am elected as a secretary General of UN and my advices toward UN if I am a president of my country. Yes, those “if” may be so difficult to become true but I still have rights to wish and dream about a so bright future as mentioned in the questions. I just want everyone live in peace and have a good life. Of course, life is never perfect and cannot be in the way we plan but if we can make a peaceful life the billions in this earth means that at least people will not be miserable in spite of poor lives. I believe that peace is the first need of human beings. Let say one day I become part of UN I would like to try my best in helping poor people, give them a peaceful life and work for the aim of others most.

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