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United Nations

We were talking the same topic in week 10 which was about United Nations. As I know, the main purpose of the UN is to maintain world peace and security. The Security Council may be able to investigate any issues or situation that can reduce peace and security international. In Indonesia, we call UN as PBB (Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa). The UN helped us many times, such as:

  1. When we had a war with Netherlands, the UN helped us to gain our recognition of independence, and the Netherlands surrendered on 27 December 1949. Besides that, because of the UN, a part of Indonesia which was west Irian could be liberated from the Netherlands.

  2. Then, in 1966-1998, the United Nations helped us to improve the economy of Indonesia.

  3. The UN gave a help when tsunami happened in Aceh, Indonesia.

  4. By UNESCO, it helped in repairing the Borobudur temple which is in central Java.

There are many problems to be faced by the UN such as: health problems, international peace and security, environment, human rights and gender equality, natural disaster, and etc. However, the UN fails in solving some of the problems. The UN has not succeeded in keeping peace in some countries, e.g. in Syria, the war in Syria seemed to be worsening, there were many victims were died. UN efforts have produced dramatic results. In 1988, an UN-sponsored peace settlement ended the Iran-Iraq war, and the following year UN-sponsored negotiations led to the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan.

As I searched on the internet, conflict prevention and mediation, peace-making, peace-keeping, and peace-building, are the activities undertaken by the UN in order to maintain international peace and security throughout the world. Conflict prevention includes early warning, information gathering and a careful analysis of the factors driving the conflict. Peace-making usually involves diplomatic action to bring hostile parties to a negotiated agreement. Peace-keeping is to maintain or re-establish peace in an area of armed conflict. The UN acts as an impartial third party in armed conflict, because it may reduce the level of conflict. Peace-building is ways to solve any issues that affect the function of society and the country, and try to enhance the capacity of the country to be effective and can be carried out its core functions. Thus, those are the ways that the UN use in order to create a peace among countries.

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