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United Nation Charter

Today’s lectures were mostly focus on the United Nations Charter, which known as the constitution of United Nations.

This constitution is same as the constitution which is in implement by a country. It includes the member states, mission, principles, the general assembly, the Security Council and so on. As i know who is wanted to join United Nation, they have to sign constitution. It represents that the country is agreeing and willing to contribute knowing the capabilities and rights.

This constitution was signed by 51 members in 1945 in San Francisco, United States. This constitution was mainly brought up because the Second World War. During this time of period, the Second World War was commencing. Peace and security was one of the purposes of United Nations, in order to resolve the trouble which was bought up by the Second World War, the constitution was placed in order to gain trust and achieve the purpose of United Nations.

This gathering made the other countries to involve in peace keeping mission and less involvement in the war which was happening. The 52 countries which signed the constitution, was the countries which was considered as the powerful nations in terms of economic, social and nuclear or war power. As I think by making these countries to sign the constitution made them less involve in the Second World War. So the peace keeping purpose throughout the world and to protect the human rights.

In conclusion, United Nation is organization who thinks and works for the better men of the human being because the purpose of it and the nature of it have a value which cannot be measured. There may be miscalculations or criticized by anyone. But at least it’s an organization who serves for the better men of human kind. Lastly, I think the knowledge that I gained today was immense. Even though the content that is in not much, when you look in to deeper, we can see that is very useful for us and the knowledge gets from that also the high percentage may can use future. I feel so lucky can learnt about United Nation again. Last time i learnt about this only in secondary school in History subject.

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