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United Nation

United nation was established in year 1945 in October 24 with the aim to maintain peace in the world. There are 5 countries under Security Council. They are china, Russia, France and USA. Since 1945 the united nation has associated in negotiating more than 170 peace agreements. United Nation has bought independence to 80 countries as of now.

United Nation has helped many countries and I heard from my friends also. My friends from Afghanistan they told us that before there was no peace in their country. Everyone is afraid to go out because of the gun’s sound. After United Nation involvement they have peace now. They have the right and they have the freedom also. Before Women were also treated badly but now they also have the right to fight back. They can work and study equal to men. But one of my friends from Syria told me that Involvement of United nation is not good for his country because this bought many problems.

From my point of view what I think about United Nation is that UN has give independence to many countries and freedom for the people. But what about Tibet, Tibet has been fighting for its independence for so many years and United Nation didn’t even see them. Everyone knows that Tibet was once a free country (independent) country but China captured it. Tibetan people have to run from their mother land and have to live in other country as refuge. Many Tibetan who are living outside Tibet are still fighting for their freedom and many of them self-immolated them self for the freedom. And also people who are living in Tibet are also treated very badly by the Chinese government. They don’t have to right to believe in their god. They don’t have the right to pray and Tibetans who are living in Tibet are also treated as slaves. Tibetans are suffering for their rights and the world is watching. So, why united nation is not helping Tibetans to get back its freedom. Is it because China is one of the largest and power full countries in the world that’s why or because china is also under Security Council that’s why?

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