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United Nation

In week 8, we were discussed about United Nation (UN). Our respective lecturer Mr. Faosiy gave the general view about the United Nation. United nation is international organization where state aims are facilitating corporation in international law, international securities, economic development, social progress, human right and achievement of world peace. Before I had heard about United Nation through television and I had learned at school also. But, I am not really known about it. I just know united nation is a peace keeping organization. Why do I say so? This is because while there is war around the world, I always heard about united nation. They will make sure those country who are involved in war will solve their problem in peace.

Actually, now I know that united nation have six principles or branches which is general assembly, Security Council, economic and social council, secretariat, international court of justice and the UN trusteeship council. All these principles have their own specific responsibility. For example, Security Council is responsible to maintain peace and security among country. The decision made of the council known as UN Security Council resolution. There are 15 members state, 5 permanent members in this council which is China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and United State, and 10 members are non- permanent which are Azerbaijan, India, South Africa, Colombia, and morocco, Togo, Germany, Pakistan, Guatemala, and Portugal.

There are many countries around the world who are joined the united nation in their mission. Through the information that I get from lecture class, around 193 countries are involved in united nation. All those countries involved in united nation because of they want peace and they volunteer to give help if necessary. It means here they will help the country who faced a problem. For example, nowadays, there were many wars happened around the world. So, all those country will help them in term of food, medicine and so on. Actually this is the actual responsibility of united nation.

What I know, united nation plays an important roles to bring peace around the world. United Nation solves a lot of problem around the world such as poverty, environmental problem, country crisis, and so on. I think the existed of United Nation actually helped a lot of people out there who are needed.


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