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UN should not be controlled by US

The United Nations was established during the Second World War, as a brainchild of Franklin Roosevelt. He wanted to create it so that the world could avoid fighting another global conflict. He thought it could be a place for countries to present their problems then have them voted upon by other nations to create a just solution.

Roosevelt also thought that creating the United Nations would prevent the US slipping back into isolationism when the Second World War finished and prevent the diplomatic failures of the 1930s happening again.

Ultimately UN it is an instrument for peace. Now the United Nations have many other organizations concerned with education, poverty, children, culture etc. But I don’t think that all of those organizations are doing their part. They are all bodies covered with US blanket. If it is a fact that UN is a body advocating for peace then why should they give US the green light to attack Iraq in 1990. UN is only for US and that is they only follow the interest/ wishes of US. If there is a war in a certain country, they will never interfere at the right spot but they will interfere when it is late too. UN is not the solution for peace but is a problem to the problem. They add kerosene to the fire rather than turning off the fire.

Furthermore, to my opinion, how can a body advocating for peace encourage a war? Is it ethical to let a certain country to attack another country because of false accusations or because that country is inferior? UN is for US.  they always help US to fetch out the natural resources in a specific place around the world.  How was the condition of Libya and Iraq can someone mention all of them without mention US and everything was in line the help of UN.

However, the world is still sleeping on the beds of UN by their fake so called helps. Now is the high time to realize that all the perfume rice, the medicine they are testing on the people of the developing countries are causing more harm than good. UN is for all the countries not far a specific country. Therefor UN should not fellow instructions of US because it is body for politics.

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