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Types of ethical dilemmas

In week 8, Mr.Jamie talked about how to identify things which are right or wrong, ethical or unethical, good or bad, and justice or injustice. He gave us much examples like many scenarios and let us think which are most likely for people to be biased and which way you should choose to do right decision. That was actually tough for us and all things that he explained were unfamiliar like first time we heard about it.

But all after the exercises that we did in class from what he gave, we all could decide a bit more than before which things are right or wrong or ethical or unethical.

We learned some types of ethical dilemmas such as Beneficence, Autonomy, Justice, Fidelity, Nonmaleficene, Confidentiality, and Veracity. After learning that week 8 lecture, I could connect with the lecture with the experiences in my life. And now I know how to decide things even if that is not fast, but I can decide things more correctly than before. I really wanted to thank to Mr.Jamie after week 8 lecture for giving me much more knowledge about life.


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