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Torture, Plagiarism and Divorce

Torture means that the practice or act of deliberately inflicting severe physical or mental pain and possibly to injure on a person. Currently around the world there are so many kind of torture happening. Such as torture is in the prisons and torture on women. It is unethical because of several reasons such as human rights and humanity. We should not torture and also raise our voice and take action against any kinds of torture.

Plagiarism is kind of cheating which means that when we take someone ideas to use and claim it as our own idea. There were a lot of ideas in our class on how to solve this problem. Some students suggested giving assignment in the beginning of the trimester, it may solve this problem. However I think students plagiarize for several reasons, sometimes when they don’t have time, sometime if they don’t have any idea about the topic. I think there are not many choice for them except plagiarize in order to get high mark. As a student I also support to stop plagiarism. I believe plagiarism can be reduced by lecturer by teaching properly and giving less hard assignments.

Then we talked about divorce. There was question about what are the consequences of divorce? I think the main problem of divorce is misunderstanding. Because when people get married some of them make early decision without understanding well each other’s emotion, style and so on. So they end up with quarreling and arguing. It also effect to their children’s psychology too because they might lose their chance to live with a family, it effect to their emotional and environment surrounding them. I think this issue is really effecting our society nowadays.

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