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Top Priorities to Solve These Problems

800 million people starving 1 billion / lack of clean drinking water 175 million – international migrants 940 million – illiterate adults 2 billion – lack of sanitation 2 billion – dying from AIDS each year Several billion people will be affected by Global Warming

If the world decided to spend say $50 billion extra on the next 4 years to do so, where should we start first?

– Climate Change – Governance and Corruption – Communicable Disease – Conflicts – Financial Instability – Education – Population and Migration – Malnutrition and Hunger – Subsidies and Trade Barriers – Sanitation and Water

Giving a specific ranking is a difficult matter because all of these are problems that society needs not to face. However, saying that if we had to spend $50 extra billion dollars, to solve some of the problems first, yet the other problems are very concerning too. For instance, if you choose to solve the education problem first, it is difficult because if the basic needs are not provided for the people than it is difficult to work on the other matters.

However, I believe that if the brain of the human body works properly, the body will not suffer, but if the brain misuses its ability of working than the body will be affected. It is the same, in my opinion, to solve some of the problems around the world, first you have to identify the root, the main cause. In this case we are talking about some issues, and specifically education. There are people who are educated and can govern, teach the others. My point is, if we solve the Governance and Corruption issue many other problems will be solved as well. Therefore, my top priorities to solve these problems based on my opinion would be as following: 1. Governance and Corruption, 2. Financial Instability because if you do not have a strong back up of finance it is difficult to help people. 3. Malnutrition and Hunger. 4. Sanitation and Water. 5. Education. 6. Communicable Diseases. 7. Climate change. 8. Population and Migration. 9. Conflicts. 10. Subsidies and trade barriers.

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